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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why Do We Sleep?

What is the purpose of sleep?

Sleep is the period when you, the spirit you, the soul, reconnects with its true life and its true being.  You have another, more "real" life going on elsewhere, and the sleep period in this life allows your consciousness time to escape and live that other life, too.  It's kind of like moonlighting, only this is your second job, not your first. 

You see, you have had it backwards all along:  You are dreaming now, and when you go to sleep, you awaken into your true reality.  That is all we can say without breaking the rules of the game. 

Your body, that wonderful host who carries you around here, also needs a break for renewal and repair, and sleep allows a time and space for that, as well.  It's really a beautiful plan, don't you think?

Why do some people need more sleep than others?  There are several variables.  One is how much time and energy your body needs for upkeep.  Another is the amount and type of work you are concurrently doing in your other life, outside of your body. 

Some of you are doing intensive work in that other life of yours, and you need the extra hours of  sleep time, both to accomplish it, and to recover from that.  In addition, for some of you, the transition to this denser energy from your native one, is quite wearing.  Try as you might, you can only take a certain amount of time here without feeling the drain.  And so you need more rest. 

Don't feel bad about needing it, if you are one of the ones who needs a lot of sleep.  And, if you have noticed recently that your need for sleep has increased, don't be alarmed.  The changes that are occurring on your planet in this plane, are causing fatigue, as well.  You need more time to adjust.  Give it a few more months.  Contrarily, others of you may find you are needing less sleep.  It's a very individual response based on very complex reasons. 

We won't go into it deeply.  Just keep in mind that times are changing, and so are you.  Listen to your body and try to accommodate its needs. 

Be patient with yourself if you need more siesta time.  Take naps as needed, and don't feel guilty about putting things off for tomorrow. 

Connecting with the Sun and the Earth (drawing in energy from both of them) will help. 

We wish you all the best on this transition. 



  1. Hi Orea:
    Interesting that you blogged about sleeping today. I have a recent entry talking about sleep as well. Check it out here:

    Let me know if you recognize the similarities. I think you're right about some people needing more sleep than others.

    Nice post!

  2. Interesting post, Chris. You make several good points. It would be easier to celebrate a transition if it didn't hurt so much not to have a loved one here and available for a chat, to share a meal or a hug.

    The funny thing is, I think I asked my guides to talk about sleep a couple of months ago, and they declined and talked about something else. I guess there is a right time for everything.