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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nonverbal Cues

You project your expectations through nonverbal cues.  The people you meet, even it they are total strangers, pick up on them and respond in kind.  If you expect belligerence or hostility, you are more likely to get that, than if you expect kindness and good humor.  

When two people meet, if they have differing expectations, what happens?  What decides the outcome?  Whoever has the stronger focus and/or belief system.  You may have experienced a time when you found yourself behaving out of character with a certain person, and didn't know why.  It may have felt like you were playing a part that was foreign to you.  Now you know what happened.

The person you were with had such strongly invested emotions or expectations of the exchange that it actually altered your behavior to fit their mental agenda.  Strange, but true.  Sometimes a person is so certain of the outcome that it has to manifest for them, and you are just a pawn for the moment, a puppet, as it were, whose strings are being pulled by the power of thought and circumstance.

We've all noticed this from time to time, that different facets of our personalities seem to come forward when you are with different groups or individuals.   This is one reason why.  There are other possibilities.  We have also talked about the mixing and melding of energies where majority rules as a sort of group consensus is formed.

In some cases, you have a strong relationship already with this soul, from another time and place, and even though you don't consciously remember it, you respond in a way that is colored by those memories.  If you are old friends, you feel it. If you had a problem in one or more lifetimes that was not resolved, your hackles may rise, or you may feel some hostility that can have no basis in this life.  But somewhere in the background, the cause exists.

There are other possible causes, but they can wait for another day.  We were talking about nonverbal cues, and how everyone gives them out and everyone receives them, but most of it happens subconsciously.  When you see relationship patterns in your life  that recur again and again, you know something is going on to trigger them, and most often it is this subconscious programming that is behind it all.

Can this programming be changed to a better "station?"  yes.  And one of the simplest ways is to give yourself over to the channel of Love, and connection to the Divine.  That wipes out a lot of the programming that is not in your highest good, and it heals damage done in the past that may be causing it.  If you are walking around enjoying your world and thinking thoughts of appreciation and gratitude, you aren't giving out the energies that attract unpleasant things and responses.  You can't do both at the same time.  The cues other people will pick up in this case, will make them glad to see you and have you around, because your presence will make them feel better!

Love and Gratitude.  Very useful, and they feel good, too.  Practice it, and see how long you can hold that thought as you progress through your day.  And watch how your world changes in its relationship to you.

We offer you our love, gratitude, and blessings.



  1. I do emit grateful, creative, and joyful vibes. However,this sometimes attracts people who unconsciously seek to destroy these. Have you ever experienced these types?

  2. Actually, I do have an idea for you. I recently invested in the Quantum Jumping courses from Burt Goldman. One of the things he talks about is what he calls the "source foundation" moments in life where decisions were made, or conclusions were drawn, that turned out to have a major effect on your life experience or path. He says it better than I'm explaining it here, but the point is, with Quantum Jumping, there is a simple way to go back and correct things. There may be a source foundation that is causing people to treat you this way, and you can learn to fix it.

    This course is already some of the best money I ever spent, and I've only just begun to utilize it.