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Friday, June 17, 2011


The emptier you are, the more space there is within you for God to fill.  Think about it. You are the empty vessel, opening yourself to the Divine, holding yourself primed and ready to be filled with love and joy and healing, and completeness.

For so long we have walked around, walked about in the world feeling empty, feeling incomplete, wondering why we don't feel the way we'd like to, wondering what is missing in our lives and in ourselves, that we don't feel whole, and full, and satisfied with ourselves and our lives.

And so we have spent our lives trying to fill ourselves and our lives with...things, and activities, organizations, beliefs, and more things.  With hobbies, with gossip, with "entertainment."  Meaningless entertainment.  In fact most of it is meaningless, isn't it.

We fill our lives with these meaningless things, and wonder why our lives lack meaning, why we still feel empty.  It's like eating a meal of Styrofoam peanuts and wondering why we're still hungry.

The answer, paradoxically enough, is to empty yourself so that God can fill you.  To empty out the dross so there is room for the gold.

How is that done? Through intent.  Through silence.  Through paring away the meaningless and unnecessary aspects of your life.  And you will be surprised, as time goes on, how many are meaningless.  This doesn't have to be done harshly or abruptly or painfully.  This can be done gently, slowly, naturally, in such a way that  things fall away when they are ready to, instead of being ripped our of your grasp, they fall away because your fingers have let go, because they were ready to.

Opening yourself is a joyous and natural thing to do.  Holding yourself ready to receive love, to receive kindness, to receive blessings and gifts that you can't even begin to imagine.  You, who couldn't "get no satisfaction," will find yourself fully satisfied.  You, who thought you'd never get enough, will find that you have.  You did, and you have.

There is more waiting for you in God's larder, in God's treasure room, figuratively speaking.  There is more waiting for you.  The abundance is incredible.  Instead of struggling and striving and scrabbling for your crust, you will be seated at the banquet table, with endless dishes available for your delectation.  Endless possibilities. Endless potentials.  And we mean plural potentials.  Endless variety, endless horizons.  You'll be satisfied, all right, you'll be satisfied.

And every day will be a new adventure in love and joy, in sharing and accomplishment.

So open yourself to God.  Open yourself and say, "Fill 'er up!  And make it high octane!"

We love and bless and honor you.  Say "thank you" to receive. 


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