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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Letting God In

Note:  This is going to sound different, because it was sung to me.  Some of it rhymes and scans.  Some lines are repeated.  I try to share pretty much as things are given to me, with minimal editing, so what you see is what I got.  I tried to resist the temptation to "improve" it.

Good morning, it it June 18th.
11:41 AM
We are here, ready to talk.
We heard your topic thought.
We heard the thought about letting God in,
Letting God into your life.

We want you to know,
We want you to understand,
God is waiting ready to participate,
But you have to let Him in.
It must be your choice,
To let Him in.

God loves you so and wants to help you,
God loves you so and wants to help you,
God loves you so, but cannot help you,
Until you unlock your doors,
And let Him in.

You must make the first movement,
To let Him in.

God will never force your doors open,
God respects your choices, good or bad.
God will never, never force the locks, dear.
This is all your choice,
All the power is in your hands.

This is the gift of Free Will.
This is the gift of your strong mind.
In that way, you are very Godlike.
You have the choice to keep Him out.
You have the choice to let Him in.

Why would you want to exclude your loving God?
Why would you keep out the One who wants nothing but the best for you?
Why would you choose to be so independent,
That you never let Him in?

Independence is overrated.

Reach out your hand and you'll find God's hand.
Reach out your hand and let Him in.
Reach out your hand to draw Him closer.
Break the locks and throw them out.
Let the door be taken out.
Let there be no more oppressive barriers.
Let there be no more walls and hedges.
Take away the pointy barb wire,
That you've wound around your being,
That you've wound around your heart.

You don't have to have a special faith.
You don't have to have a special religion.
You don't have to have a belief in God.
Give Him a try and let Him in.
Give it a try and let Him in.
Give it a try and let Him in.

For loving arms are waiting to hold you.
(His) loving heart is all around you.
You don't know it, but you are living,
In God's Heart Center.
You have always been there,
Whether you know it or not.
You have always been the center,
Of God's loving embrace.

Open your heart and mind and soul to God.
The rewards are many-splendored.
Open your heart and mind and soul to God.
Throw down the Welcome mat for Him.
That's the way to let Him in.

Love your God and love your fellows,
Human beings all around you.
The more you love, the more you honor
God and all Creation.
And then you have the beauty,
Of letting them in.

We love and honor you.
We bless you strongly this day.
We offer our love and blessings.
All you have to do is say,
"Thank you."



  1. Beautiful and profound. God is always there to comfort, to guide, to enfold us in His presence, but He has never been a God to force Himself on another. For sure, it is up to us to seek in order to discover. To thirst, in order to know enough to drink. And when we do, to drink deeply the riches He gives us :)

  2. Enjoyed it every much!! The words ring so true as God is all powerful but we hold all the power and must first take the initial step towards a blessed union. Seek and ye shall find surely fits in with this post as God will answer if called upon. Hopefully we all place our pride and arrogance aside and unlock the door, he is truly waiting for us. Take care my friend!!! :)

  3. Thank you! I'm doing my best to step out of the way, but it's hard to let go. Are you getting the sense of sharing this ongoing adventure in communication? I hope so.

    I never know what will come, or how, or when, and I never know how it will be received. It takes more courage than you might think for me to do this.

    I listened to the recording of this while playing it for my sister over the phone. The energy was intense, to use the favorite word of a friend of mine. When I figure out how to do this, I will try to make the mp3 available for download, so you can hear it exactly as it came through and get the full benefit of the energy.

    Thanks for being here and letting me know it's good for you. It really helps.