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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Planet of Distortion

Let's talk about distortion.  Anger distorts. Strong emotions distort.  You can distort yourself through feeling strong emotions and going with that flow - expressing them, wallowing in them, telling and retelling the story to yourself and to others.  Justifying it.  Lining up backers in the dispute, or enlisting your friends' sympathy. 

What you focus on, magnifies, and so it is with emotions and life situations.  Focus on a small irritation a minor wound, and it will grow and possibly explode. 

This isn't healthy for you, and it doesn't take you where you want to go, assuming you prefer to feel joy and love and peace and wholeness and completeness.  You can't attain completeness when you are a distorted parody of your true self.  The stream doesn't trickle merrily along when you have thrown in a bunch of boulders to create dangerous or exciting rapids. 

Release and strive to forgive.  Keep at it and keep trying, no matter how impossible it feels.  It will come with time and concerted effort.

When we say it distorts you, we mean that literally.  You look different to us, and not in a good way.  When a person distorts as a lifelong habit, you, too, can see it in their face and possibly their body.  (We caution you, though to NOT leap to judgments on this matter.  This will distort you, too! And it is none of your business.)

What else causes distortion?  Negative thoughts and emotions directed at you by others, and vice-versa.  Criticism, mockery, ridicule, forecasts of failure, disrespect and harsh judgments, manipulation, domination.  Lying, cheating, stealing,  Unpleasant gossip.  Forcing someone into a mold that does not fit them.  Devaluing someone, either to their face, or behind their back.  Are you getting the idea?

Orea:  Basically, it sounds like anything other than love, respect, acceptance, and support is likely to distort one or both parties involved.

Yes, that's it in a nutshell.  The secondary distortion depends on the resiliency of that soul.  With the perpetrator, it doesn't so much matter.

When someone has power over another and abuses it, or when someone is trusted and abuses it, damage is done, and distortion occurs.

Orea:  Tell me more about distortion.  What is it?  What can we do about it?  It sounds to me like everyone on this planet meets with distortion at one time or another, if not every day of their life.

True.  You might call this the Planet of Distortion.

By distortion, we mean misshapen energy.  And since you are made of energy, this can result in a misshapen being in a way that is visible to us and possibly to you.  Though more often you can feel it rather than see it.  When distortion occurs in early life, it can set in a permanent way that affects growth and the rest of that being's life.  And we say "being", because we are not talking only of the human race. 

But be heartened, nothing is so bad that it can never be made better, be made right again.  Because, as we mentioned, it is all energy.  Even the old, hard, sticky patterns can be softened and released and changed.  it just takes more, or longer, or a stronger means. 

Nothing is permanent and nothing is immutable.  We will probably be revisiting this subject, but for now just pay attention to the forces of distortion and see if you can at least recognize them within your own thoughts and actions, and in the deeds of others.  This is actually a powerful start, and the first step in counteracting them.

We love and bless you, which also combats distortion!


Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. Great post about the damaging effects of concentrating on negative thoughts whether our own or someones else. I'm certainly guilty of that sin and no doubt it is harmful to myself and others around me. Trying harder to forgive those who wrong me and to emit more positive energy myself. Take care!!

  2. I hear you David. I fall into that pit more often that i would like. All we can do is keep trying and thereby strengthen the good thinking habits.