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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Distortion, The Most Insidious Source

As you might imagine, distortion can greatly affect your sphere of influence, both in its quality and its quantity, its size.  You are aiming for a firm, unblemished surface, as if you were shopping for a fruit.  You want no soft spots, bruises, holes, or rot.  You want a pleasant aroma (yes, aroma!) and a fetching color or colors.  You want it sweet and juicy.

Orea: Juicy?

Yes. Good energy is like a nectar, sweet and fragrant, delicious in its own way.  And nourishing to the body, mind, and spirit.  Sweet in every sense of the word.

Distortion damages the Fruit of the Spirit.  (Do you like how we worked that in? We are pleased with the metaphor!)

We have talked about distortion coming from mistreatment by others.  Now we want to talk about a more insidious source of distortion: You!  What are you thinking about yourself and your prospects? What are you telling yourself in the privacy of your mind?

Are your thoughts full of self-doubts and self-criticism?  Are you your harshest judge?  Do you treat yourself in a way that you would never mete out to a friend or a child?  For that matter, are you harder on yourself than on your family, and harder on your own family than on a total stranger?  Why?  Why do you set the bar so much higher for yourself?

Yes, you know your own faults and flaws better than anyone else does, and better than anyone else's.  Isn't that a kind of inverted ego trip, to think yours are worse than anyone else's?  Why should you be more perfect than anyone else?  Why do you need to be?

Much of this negative self-talk goes back to your early days, and distortion from without, criticism from someone in power in your young life, whose criticism and verdicts you accepted as your truth.

Those days are long gone, and you are not the person you once were, even if (and this is a big if) you deserved their criticism and scorn in the first place.  We repeat: You are not that person any more!  The old labels do not apply, not that they ever did.

Let them go, the memories, the old pain, the injustices and mislabeling.  Let go of the negative self-talk and self-condemnation.  Whoever and whatever you are right now, is just fine, and you are getting better all of the time.  That's the thought to hang on to. You are getting better all of the time, especially as you let go and allow yourself to heal unbattered by your critical thoughts.

Hold that thought, and let the rest go whenever you find yourself thinking otherwise.  It's another great way to reverse distortion in yourself, done to yourself over the years, and return to juicy freshness. 

We love and bless you  and we promise you really are improving daily.


Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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