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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Creme de la Creme, or Why We Are Here

If you are reading this, your are special.  Something beyond chance has drawn you here.  Something has awakened within you and is searching for answers.  Something knows there has to be a better way.

As you may have noticed, most people aren't interested.  They aren't looking that far afield.  But you are, and for that we congratulate you.

You may be wondering, why are you here?  Where are you going? Is there really any point to this?

You are here because you want to be. You can find and develop aspects of yourself that are unique to this locality.  Not every soul wants to do this, though.  As you may have noticed, it's not always fun here!

You are intrepid enough, perhaps foolish enough, to take this on.  We think that's pretty special.  It takes a bold being to throw what they know out the window, come down here and start anew.  Not just start anew, but do so as a baby!  Helpless, with a head so heavy you can't even lift it at first, much less walk, talk, and toilet yourself.  That's pretty undignified!

There are sources of joy here that you can find nowhere else.  You can easily list some of your favorites.  And nowhere else will you hear and experience gales of belly laughter.  It's a very human thing.  What can be more delightful than that?

But the real reason you agreed to come down here and forget, is something far different.  You came down here for the joy of rediscovering and remembering who you are, and who God is.  It's a beautiful trip every time you try it, and every time, it plays out a little differently.  Isn't that grand?  You forget so that you can remember!

There are some who get so busy playing (this is a grand playground!) that they forget to remember.  They become so enthralled with...whatever their passion is, that they forget about the main event.  No harm, no foul.

And there are those of you who have an urge to remind them, to wake them up from their physical world trance.  It's an uphill battle, especially if they are having a good time, or enjoying their particular drama.  Some won't go until they are good and ready,

And there is nothing wrong with having fun here.  We actually recommend it. It's good for you. Getting distracted just delays the process in an amusing way, and probably adds a bit more pain to the equation.  The cost may well be worth it for them.  It is not for us to decide. 

Help them if they are ready and willing, let them be if they are not.  It's all good, no matter how it looks to you right now.

You are honored to be here, and we greatly respect your choice.  You are the creme de la creme...and the cream always rises to the top.

We love and bless you, intrepid one.


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