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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Travel Light

Open yourself.  Empty yourself.  This involves letting go of a lot of things:  thoughts, feelings, even memories.  We carry around so much inconsequential “stuff” in our minds, in our hearts, in our bodies.  Often we are jammed so full of “stuff” that there isn’t much room for God, even if you want to invite him in. 

So, pare away.  Pare away the things that no longer suit you, no longer serve you.  Divest yourself of old souvenirs of older times.  I speak not just of physical souvenirs, but beliefs and expectations, patterns of thought and behavior, scrapbooks and photographs and pressed flowers, whatever binds you to old times, old memories, old patterns.

I am challenging you to clear the decks.  You don’t have to discard everything, and I am not suggesting that you do.

Stop and feel.  Which things are binding you, holding you back, preventing you from changing and moving on? Which old habits have to go?  What is standing in your way?   (Hint:  What are you most resistant to releasing?  What beliefs about yourself (your self-image) are most cast in concrete?)  Whatever is dearest to you (seems dearest), whatever feels the most threatening when you contemplate changing it, this is a good place to start your search.

Q: So, how do you know if something should go?

By sensing if it is holding you in place, holding you back.  Take vintage pictures of your children, for example.  If you look at them occasionally, enjoy them, and put them away, great.  Fine.  Keep them.  But if you pore over them often, longing for those days to return, they are holding you back, for you are spending NOW looking backward and in a morass of regret instead of living, loving, serving, enjoying, praising, and a million or so other great things you could be doing to increase your Light and happiness quotient.

Does this make sense?  Where are the ties that bind? In a box of old clothes? A pile of ancient love letters?

One positive way to use these memory joggers, is to look at the ties that bind and see what you can do to untie them.  Forgive the ones who hurt you.  Ask forgiveness for any hurt or harm you caused them.  Bless your loved ones (and your enemies) and release them to their own ‘Divine Path.  Let go of any need you have for them to please you.  Their job is to please themselves and find their own way Home.

Be on the lookout, constantly, for things to release, things to purge, relationships to unbind.

Travel light.   You will find you like the feeling.

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  1. Great words to live by but so hard to actually implement in one's life. This world would be a much better place if everyone forgave each other and looked forward instead of in the rear mirror. I certainly long for days with Erin again and often feel handcuffed to the past but humans feel guilty for moving on without their beloved friends. Nice post!!


  2. David, I will always miss some of my departed four footed friends, they were amazing and burrowed deeply into my heart. Losing them was so painful, but I have learned that love can come again, perhaps in a very different but equally delightful package. Some days, I look back and am awed that I was selected out of everyone available, to know and love these special beings. We are so honored, and so blessed. I wouldn't have missed any of them for the world.