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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do Animals Go To Heaven?

I was reading Erin Is Love, a blog dedicated to a dear departed dog.  Very moving.  In one of his posts, the blogger pondered whether Erin would be in heaven when he got there.  I wanted to share my reply: 

Years ago, I took a shamanism workshop that taught shamanic journeying. Despite the fact that I only went because my mom wanted a ride, I quickly discovered that this was easy and natural for me. This is background for what I wanted to tell you.

On one of my very first journeys that weekend, I found myself in a lovely garden, and there I was met by a number of our dear departed pets, both dog and cat. Animal friends who had been gone so long that their appearance was a hazy memory, were as clear to me as if I'd seen them yesterday. We had a lovely reunion, and it was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things to see them and be with them again.

This was not my imagination, this was real. So take my word for it, you'll see her again in the afterlife, and it will be a wonderful feeling to be together again.

One thing I have learned in my spiritual quest, is that the love we share with another, whether our species or another, is eternal. It is never forgotten, it is never lost, it never expires.



  1. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, your words provide comfort as it's my greatest wish to be reunited with Erin. Look forward to reading more of your blog and future posts on love. Thanks again!!!

  2. thank you for posting had this question last few days actually...i like the love is never forgotten. its like all are fellings will be shared one day.

  3. I find it comforting, too. I've been married for 37 years, but I have a couple of former husbands from other lifetimes who still care enough to keep an eye on me and watch my back, and I would do the same for them.

    We had some tough times back then. I remember hitting one of them so hard he wore my handprint on his face for the rest of the day. (And he deserved it!) But none of that matters in retrospect. We remember these things happened, but it's like laughing over an old yearbook picture. The sting is gone and only the good feelings remain.

    Maybe that's why they call it heaven? All of the bad stuff just dries up and blows away? It sounds reasonable to me.