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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Water, The Key to Longevity

Orea’s Right Hand/Left Hand Topic: Water, The Key to Longevity

Water is life. Water is alive. Water has a mind, it has intelligence.

Water actively wants to help you, to heal you, to make things whole.

Water actively transports energy, thoughts, desires, emotions, as well as many physical substances.

Water is, and wants to be, your friend. Water loves you and wants to become one with you, a part of you, even if only for a short time, since we know that when water goes in, it must come out. (smile)

Why do baths, and showers, raindrops and swimming holes feel so good? The answer is not as simple as you might think at first. Yes, water can be cool, and clean, and refreshing, and hydrating – but the water also embraces you, surrounds you, makes love to you on a whole other level than the one on which you usually perceive it.

And the same thing happens on the inside when you quaff it. It joyously rolls around in your mouth, freely cascades down your throat, and enthusiastically gives itself to you through your digestive system, moving forward and onward to bless each cell it touches and services.

When you become aware of this, when you become a willing and knowledgeable participant in the process and the relationship, much more can happen, simply because you let it. Knowing, allowing, participating, welcoming, celebrating makes it more powerful, more effective, more able, and able to do more for, with, and in you.

So, drink more water and find more opportunities to let water into your life.

And oh yes, water carries Light – very fine frequencies of Light—because water is very close to a primal form of the Divine essence. Think of it as an energetic stem cell, able to perform and adapt itself to any number of needs and applications.

While there are, indeed, armies and legions eager to step in and assist you (you have only to ask), water is like an army all unto itself, ready, willing, eagerly waiting to serve you, and then serve you more and better.

Water can wash through you, through the tiniest portals, spaces, and particles within you, cleansing, opening, clearing, erasing, arranging, and rearranging…making things right, and then better, and then optimal.

So it behooves you to take it, drink it, soak in it, dance in it, embrace it in return, celebrate in it and with it, thank it and honor it, for water, used properly and optimally can add years of life and lively, productive years they will be.

You will be an example, a marvel, and people will ask you what your secret is. (smile) Will you tell them? The answer is so simple, and yet so complex.

Bless your water, honor your water, cherish your water, appreciate your water and the magnificence of its gift.

Remember, there is water in the air you breathe. There is water in the food you eat. Those beautiful clouds in the sky, are water. The oceans and rivers, lakes and streams…now wonder you have always been attracted to them! No wonder the sound of trickling water is music to your ears. Next time listen, listen to what the water has to say, listen to its song of love for you and for your kind. No barriers, no conditions, no requirements, just love for you and a desire to make things better, so that you may have the best.

Drink water every day, in the purest (most natural) form you can. Welcome it into your presence and your being. And, as your relationship blossoms, watch the beautiful things that happen.

Thank you for stopping by. We enjoy spending time with you. (Journey time: 36 minutes)

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