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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Insomnia (by request)

Right hand/left hand
Q: Is it okay to journey on insomnia as requested?
A: Yes, but don't expect a straight answer.
Insomnia -- What Is It About?

• An attachment to the body, as you often leave it completely during sleep.
• A difficulty in letting go of a problem or thought.
• Shallow breathing.
• A need for more rhythm in your life. Drumming and dancing can be helpful if done earlier in the day. Possibly too stimulating at bedtime.
• Singing and swaying are good. Let whatever comes out, come out of your mouth and body.
• Stress, based on resistance to various life circumstances.
• Eating or otherwise ingesting impure foods or substances, or incompatible ones. You can use muscle testing to check this.
• A need for better grounding.
• Did you remember to call in your guardians/angels/etc. to cleanse you before bed?
• Have you communed in love with the water in your tub or shower?
• Have you thought of all the people you love and admire, and sent a heart smile to them? All the people (and animals, plants, etc.) that you want to help or bless? This is akin to counting sheep, but much more relaxing and beneficial. Don’t forget to include your God/Goddess/Fill In The Blank.
• Have you plugged into the Divine for your overnight recharge? Ask to have your tires balanced and wheels aligned, too. (smile)
• When you go to bed, do a survey of your body to see where the tightness and tension reside. Undo the knots.
• Remember, deep breaths! Breathe in, hold briefly, let go, and let tension out with each exhale.
• If you can get enough physical exercise to be pleasantly tired, but not over-tired, this can help, too. It reminds your body that it really does need to rest.
There are as many causes of insomnia as there are people and combinations of circumstances, but to all of you, we say, “TURN OFF THE TV!

We send you our love and blessings.
Over and out.

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