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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seeing God in All Things

I'm re-reading one of my spiritual journals, and I came across this little excerpt I wanted to share.

July or August of 2002

"Since God is everywhere, where can I look and not see God?

"I choose to remember that, whatever I look at, whomever I see,
God is there."

Which reminds me of a story. I was driving along the Interstate near my home when I decided to put the above idea into practice. I started looking at things around me and recognizing God in them. I greeted God in mile markers and speed limit signs. It was like playing peekaboo with God, and it was fun.

I was pulling in so much energy from doing this, that, fairly soon, I found myself bouncing up and down in the driver's seat. I looked down at the speedometer and saw I was going 85 miles per hour! I cut it out and slowed down. Fortunately, there were no police to witness my lapse.

This is why I don't recommend you do this while driving. It just might be hazardous to your health...or your pocketbook. But do try it when you take a walk, or if you are a passenger. That's probably safe!

So now I'm thinking, if you consciously recognize the God presence or God-substance of the people you meet, how would that change your behavior toward them? What would you do differently? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


  1. Interesting you posted this today. I gave a presentation on this VERY topic last night. Seeing God/The Divine in everything is the way I live my life now. It's amazing the change it's had on me. One example I gave and it may sound silly, but when I come to work in the morning, I sometimes hit a stoplight where I have to turn left. There is a green arrow that comes on and EVERY time I come this way to work, I'm ALWAYS the ONLY person at the light and it is ALWAYS read, thus I KNOW I'm going to be the first person to get the green arrow.

    I see that as God looking out for me. God is in all things and he looks out for everyone. These things happen to everyone all the time but unless you choose to see them as divine they will pass you by. Start seeing the small things as Godly and soon you'll see everything as Godly!

  2. I said:
    I'm ALWAYS the ONLY person at the light and it is ALWAYS read

    I meant it's always RED.

  3. Yes, you are so right. It's a wonderful and rewarding practice. Those little sparks of recognition and encouragement we get in return may sound silly or insignificant, but they mean a lot, don't they.

    I had a wonderful one this week. I cooked some grass fed beef heart for dinner. (My doctor wants me to be eating grass fed meat.) Heart, if you never had it, has a unique and wonderful flavor. My mom used to make it from time to time. It's a big treat to me. I enjoyed that meal so much, I exclaimed to my husband that I could gladly eat it once a week, but we needed to get more.

    Two days later, we were driving in a completely unfamiliar area and went right by a little grass fed meat store with an "OPEN" sign lit. Of course we had to stop.

    Not only did I get 10 hearts, but we met a very nice person, supported a family owned business, which I love to do, and their heart was half the price I had been paying!

    And it was effortless. I didn't have to make an order and pick it up somewhere hard to get to, it almost literally fell into my lap. That was a big message to me to keep doing what I'm doing, with the journeying and the blogging, the soul singing, etc., that I am doing what the Universe wants me to do right now. I love that feeling. There is nothing finer.

  4. Great post! If we all saw God in everyone then there would be nothing but kindness. We would have no choice but to be kind. Then eventually they will see God in themselves.

    Frank @ SunRaymond

  5. Yes, you are exactly right. What a beautiful vision to hold for this planet and everything beyond. Perhaps enlightenment is just that simple.