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Monday, March 28, 2011

I Want to See the Moon Smile

It was my daughter's turn to choose our journey topic for this week. Again, she came up with a doozy. "I want to see the moon smile, with water as your guide." ??? We were both thrown by that one, but eventually I figured out that this may not be a question requiring an answer so much as an experience we needed to have, or something else entirely. It became clear that we needed to remove and release our expectations and just let it happen how and as it wanted to. Not completely comfortable for me, but kind of exciting.

Yesterday I felt it was time for another journey, and of my list of possible topics, this was the one that got the finger twitch that means, "Yes!" The result was, indeed different. This was much more what I would call a traditional shamanic experience than the recent, "sit and take notes" journey of recent weeks. And, the result has affected me powerfully. Even today, I am feeling a difference in myself that relates to this half hour, that I am about to share with you.


"I want to see the moon smile, with water as your guide."

Whirlwind picks me up. I'm caught in the vortex. I decide to relax and ride in it wherever it is going. I feel I'm moving upward. Eventually, I see that unlike a tornado, the pointed part is upward, and I am moving toward it as I get higher. Where does it end?

The moon! I greet the moon, the moon greets me. Warm feelings shared.

I don't know how we are doing it, but we are dancing together, spinning. Joyful, carefree. It feels good to spin and float in outer space. A nice existence for the moon. I understand the moon enjoys this. I understand the moon is always smiling, because it is happy in its (seemingly simple) existence. This is its job, it lives its work, and it does it well. Relaxing. Happy to be who and what it is. Exactly right.

This is the key to inner peace and happiness, to know that who and what you are, is exactly right, that who and what you are becoming is exactly right, that who and what you are, is valuable not just to the circle of friends and family who know you, but to the whole Cosmos. You are what makes it (the Cosmos) complete.

Now there is a waterfall. I step into and under it. It sparkles with light and feels very refreshing. Stimulating. I'm tingling all over. I feel the love that the water holds for me. (See "Water, The Key to Longevity" http://orea-highervoice.blogspot.com/2011/03/water-key-to-longevity.html) I let things wash away without trying to hang on or examine them. I'm becoming lighter and brighter, until I am like the moon, pearlescently glowing.

The moon smiles at me, and bows. (How?) I curtsy in return. I take a mouthful of water from the bottle on my desk, and see/feel it sparkling with light, too, like the waterfall. The sparkles go down my throat, into my stomach. Soon, they will be circulating throughout my body.

All of the water in my body starts to sparkle, like effervescent points of light all over inside me. It almost tickles! I have to scratch my arms.

This sparking inside me feels so good, I find myself smiling. The moon is smiling, too. We smile at each other. And then I remember, Heart Smile! (See "How to Bend Light With a Smile" http://orea-highervoice.blogspot.com/2011/03/how-to-bend-light-with-smile.html)

I smile at the moon from my heart, with love and affection and appreciation, and a sense of comradeship, kinship. The moon smiles back. A bond is formed. The friendship is eternal.

How many lifetimes have we loved each other, cherished each other, have I celebrated this lovely moon? I can feel our history stretching back and back and back. Naked dancing, clothed only in moonlight, Sacred ceremonies witnessed, perhaps, only by the moon. No, not the sole witness, but aide in the work.

We have known each other a long time, the moon and I. Before the moon was a spinning rock, I was there, and the concept/moon soul was there, ans we knew each other and planned its creation and its spinning orbit, and how the phases would change from an earthbound perspective. We are bound together in this project, vast as it is. A work of love, ongoing.

What is its purpose? I wish I could recall.

(Recording signal end of journey)

I smile and wave, dive back into the vortex and into my body.

Later note: I still have sparkles all over inside of me. :-)


This has given me a lot to think about. (Some sparkles still remain, a day later.)

As always, your (constructive) comments and questions are welcome. Is there something you want to know more about, a topic you would like addressed? I'll be happy to see if they want to talk about it.


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