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Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to Bend Light With a Smile

My daughter's other right hand/left hand question: “I’d like to know how to bend light with a smile.” She pretty much discarded this question because it didn’t make sense to her, which is how we got the one about food, but I was intrigued by this one. I didn't know where it was going, but I really wanted to find out!

Journey to double drumming recording:

Note: This time, there was no journey experience to speak of. They started talking and I wrote. But at the end of the half hour, I found I did have to return to my body, even though I didn’t notice leaving it.

Rainbows are bent light.

Bending changes the color of the light.

Smiling at someone changes their color, that is, it has an effect on them and their energy. Usually it uplifts them and makes them feel happy, or happier. This changes their energy signature, and that changes their color/the color of their aura.

So, this is one way you can “bend light” with your smile.

But there is more. (I was hearing Ron Popeil saying, “But wait, there’s more!”) Smiling creates a connection between you, the smiler, and the recipient. A heart connection, a soul connection. In a very real sense, it is one step closer to union with each other, and closer to the God-state.

Smiling actually increases the amount of energy in the Universe, contrary to scientific thoughts on the subject. For, God is expanding, ever-expanding. Smiles are part of the fuel for that expansion.

When all hearts and souls link together, willingly and joyously, will it not be wonderful? When everyone is pleased to join with everyone else, how will that feel? Love/light, Light/love, shared joy, all starting with a simple smile.

A smile can bend the Light from your heart to someone else’s. Think of that, a darkened, sad, lonely heart, a grieving heart, and empty heart…and your smile lights the candle, lights the lamp that brings back illumination to a needy, barren soul. Your light provides the start for their inner garden to grow. And what better kind of gardening is there, than the Garden of the Soul, the cultivation of Love and Light and Sharing and Caring, in every corner of Creation?

But, let us add that your smile becomes more powerful and efficacious when you put Intent behind it. Intent to give love and healing. Intent to forge a bond of love and understanding. Intent to speed the day when all becomes one, once again, when all see and experience the same Light that you do.

What a gift this is, to have and to give. And, the more you give, the more you have to give, because this, too, is an area of expansion. Smile, perceive their perfection – Love them as they are, let go, and move on.

Q: Cleansing in the evening?
A: A good idea, before you go to bed. Ask for cleansing and removal of unnecessary or undesirable ties. There are many who are willing and able to help you with this.

By evening, those whom you have blessed, will have had the opportunity to reach out, themselves, and spread the love and connection, or at least reduce the discord and strife of their relationships, as the case may be. By evening, they should be more stable in their improved energy, and more able to practice and maintain it themselves when your cleansing is complete.

Some will stay attached a bit longer -- but your helpers will know who, what, and when to do this.

And remember to reconnect with God. Plug in for your own recharge overnight, as if you were an Ipod or an electric car. (smile)

Your smile is a gift of infinite value and surprising substance. It carries more weight than you might imagine.

An interesting side not is that, if you make a habit of smiling at people all day, and every day, at every opportunity, you can and will lose some physical weight! This is not, of course, the only reason to do this, nor is it a diet prescription, just a side note for you to enjoy.

Another interesting thing is to pay attention and feel how, when you smile at someone from your heart, with intent, Gaia sends energy up through your feet, to bless both you and the lucky recipient. Everyone benefits, everyone wins, Gaia included. It heals all involved.

We urge you to try this, play with this, and see what happens all around you.

(Tape signals journey ending. I feel the entities smiling heart smiles at me, and I smile a heart smile back at them.)

Orea’s Note: It didn’t get written down, but somewhere along the line, I also picked up that distance is not relevant to the heart smile. You can smile at people near you, of course, but you can also send your heart smile across the miles, to anyone, anywhere, and they will get it, whether they are conscious of it, or not. This thought apparently came and went by so fast, it never hit the paper.

This would be a good time to send heart smiles to the people of Japan.


  1. Beautiful post and a confirmation of the magical, healing, uplifting benefits of a smile... Sending virtual smiles to all who need it. TY Orea! :-)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. We tend to forget how powerful and valuable a simple smile can be. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by!