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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Secret of the Three Wise Monkeys

If you open your heart to the Divine on a regular basis, you benefit every time. 

Whether you can feel it or not, increased blessings begin to flow your way. Outcomes of all kinds in your life will improve. You will have more sunny days (in the figurative sense). Your luck will improve, because the Universe only wants good for you. 

When seeming bad occurs, realize and remember that the Universe, by whatever name you choose to call it, is very adept at turning things around. Very adept! 

This is why Jesus emphasized to his followers not to fall into judgment. Because - and this is important! - when you judge someone or something as bad, or anything related to bad, it is more likely to get stuck that way, particularly as it manifests in your own life experience. 

Refusing to judge, and remembering the Universe loves you and is constantly working for your welfare, allows maximum leeway for the Universe to do its thing, which is transforming "bad" to "good." And that can only benefit you. 

This is also the secret behind the famous statue of the Three Wise Monkeys. 

Remember always that you are loved and supported, and watch with interest as your life transforms. 

We, too, love and bless you this day, and always. 


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