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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Value of Commitment

Failure to commit. What does this mean? What causes it? Does it even matter?

The answer is yes. It matters. And we will tell you why.

A commitment is a decision, a personal and deeply held conviction. These are the things that can and do shape your life, because they determine your path.

You can have a path without commitment, for everyone forges a path whether they commit or no. but if you want to move, to effect change or pursue a goal, you need to find a vision, hold a thought, commit to it. And that can be a scary thing. Or it can be the most exciting thing you have ever done.

Even the smallest of personal projects involves a commitment. A minuscule one, perhaps, but a commitment nevertheless. Commitments matter because they add up over time to become the sum total of who you are.  One decision builds upon the other, you see, whether you realize it at the time or not.

A commitment is nothing to fear. Neither is failure. That thing you call failure is merely another jog in the path. You will still get where you are going, but you will be facing a different route than you envisioned. Accept this. Embrace it. Bless it. As hard as this sounds, it is the right thing to do.

Why? Because this kind of attitude is what greases the skids, so to speak, allowing the loving Universe to rearrange the pieces of your life into a more harmonious scenario. The Universe only wants what is good for you, what is congenial and joy-producing. When you withhold your acceptance, the job becomes harder. Just as you do, literally. And Good takes longer, sometimes much longer, to manifest in your life.

Don't let fear and stubbornness take control and block the Good that is always coming your way. This is, indeed, a self-fulfilling prophesy at times. You get the dubious pleasure of being right, after shooting yourself in the foot: See, I knew that was going to hurt!

Commit, we suggest, to keeping yourself open to the vagarities of life and living. Strive to accept it all, the seemingly good and bad, with an open heart and mind. You can't fight an iceberg, nor stem the flow of the tide. No more can you prevent the flow of the Universe from proceeding in its given way.

But you can hurt yourself trying.

It's really your choice from start to finish. Commit to non-resistance. Commit to loving your neighbor and the world around you. Commit to allowing Divine Love to have its way with you.

And thusly you will be thrice blessed.


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