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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Distinction Between Religion and Spirituality

I prefer to use the word "spiritual" rather than "religious" in describing myself and the nature of my work.

Years ago, when I took the Harner introductory core shamanism workshop (which was amazing, by the way), one of the first things our instructor told us was, "Shamanism is pure spirituality. Religion is spirituality plus politics." His point was excellent. The distinction has stuck with me since that day in 1987. (I highly recommend this workshop, as it had a huge effect on me personally, opened my psychic doors, and got me started on this path. I strongly believe that all human beings have the ability to do the shamanic journey, and that it is a beautiful and rewarding path.)

I love Jesus, I love Buddha, I love Ashtar and AA Metatron, I love the Arcturians... I could go on and on. I am blessed with t he ability to converse with them and experience the blessing and joy of their presence. I feel more kinship with any or all of them than most of the people walking this planet. 

I don't really see how one can be a true Seeker of higher things, or Lightworker, or LightBearer without devoting themselves to love and kindness and all of the other related things we cover here in this blog. 

Only by raisiing our vibes can we help others to lift their own. And that is the key to ascension here and to the ultimate unification of the known universe into a loving, trusting, joy-filled home. 

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