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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Power of Your Blessing

Let it be. Stop fighting and struggling, and bless it. Then, whatever it is, let it be.

Make peace with it in your heart, and bless it again.

You don't have to change it, for it will change itself, powered by the force of your blessings.

Your blessing adds God into the equation.  And God's presence changes everything.

Do you want to change the world? Bless it, and bless it, and bless it again.

Let every word from your lips carry a (sometimes secret) blessing. The blessing can be a hidden packet within or beneath your everyday words. Be it "yes" or "no," let the packet remain the same. Let the blessing within remain heartfelt.

Open yourself and let God's love and blessings flow through you in every situation. This is not the same as becoming a doormat. Quite the contrary! We expect you to draw the line clearly and firmly, but with love.

You have no enemies, truly. Oh, they may think they are. Your kindness and good will will disconnect and then disarm them. When your every word and action carries your love and blessing, what have they to fight against?

You cannot fight against a clean and simple blessing, one that is not laden with the burden of judgment.

You want to offer a blessing that is without strings, without strictures or attachments.

This, alone, can remake your world and the world at large.

We love and bless you this day. Please accept it into your heart.



  1. Ah, if only I could do that every day. I do try, but I am afraid I'm far too ... everything human! I get angry, possessive, materialistic, selfish, opinionated, etc etc.

    I'm sure I'd be a lot less generally anxious though, if I could let go like that.

  2. Do not hate or be impatient with your humanity Jay. We all fall short of God's Glory, lol. Love your mistakes, catch them, turn them around and keep trying to do better in the next situation. Make it a challenge unto yourself, a game if you will that you play with you. Take yourself not so seriously and learn to laugh at the mistakes we all make. Harm none intentionally, that is the Golden Rule. Let Love Rule your every moment and don't beat yourself up when you fall down. Dust yourself off and keep on keeping on. Love and Light to you dear one. Namaste.