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Monday, August 27, 2012

Marinate Yourself in Divine Love

Take some time each day to marinate yourself in Divine Love.  Treat yourself to some quiet time one-on-one with your Beloved.

For some of you, this may already be a natural thing.  For the rest of you, here are some hints and suggestions to help you along.

  • Know that you are dearly loved.  Your Creator adores you.  If you want to know more about this, see Godspeak for a quick and friendly introduction.  
  • Approach this with joyous anticipation.  If you don't know why, you'll find out!
  • Hold the knowing that there is nothing better or more important that you can do with this particular scrap of your time.  Leave any guilt aside.  You are not "doing nothing", or "being lazy."  This is an investment in you and your wellbeing, and much, much more.  
  • Settle yourself in a quiet space.  If a quiet space is not available, quiet yourself within by breathing deeply and letting go of muscle tension to the extent that you can.  
  • Set your intent to spend some quality time with your God, loving and being loved.  
  • Gently tap the top of your head a few times.  This will wake up your crown chakra, which is your connection point with the Divine.  
  • Think of God with loving thoughts.  Reach out with your mind to God, and let your whole being follow suit.  Imagine holding out your arms to God for a big, warm hug.  
You cannot send love to God without receiving God's love in return.  It is impossible!  And, your love will return to you amplified, magnified, purified, and multiplied.  It cannot be otherwise, for this is the Universal Law.

What can this do for you?  Love cleanses, Love heals, Love uplifts and glorifies.  God's love fills you with Joy, Light, and Peace.

The more you practice at this, the stronger and surer your connection will become, and the better it - and you - will feel.  Your heart will grow in radiance and soften toward all of Creation.  This is just the start.

We love and bless you, this day and always.


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