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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Tuning Fork That Is You

Every breath you take is holy.  Every breath you take, in that state of mind, brings you closer to the innate divinity that is at the core of this and all other universes.

Spend some time each day breathing in your sacred breath, and gently releasing it back out to rejoin its brothers.  Until the moment comes when you realize that it was never separated, because you were never separated.  (smile)

And then, with this realization, you continue to breathe (of course!), reveling in the ebb and flow, the give and take of yourself and your surroundings, boundary-less.  Obstruction-less.  Free, easy, and unfettered.  The Sacred moving in, through and around the Sacred.

And you will know the boundless extent of your blessings, and the Rightness of All.  And you will hear and know that every iota of Creation sings and celebrates and praises its Creator and Source, tirelessly and without ceasing.

It's a glad and joyous noise, and you are an intrinsic part of it.

Your being is vibrating like a tuning fork attuned to this frequency of praise.  That is the Harmony of the Universe/of Creation of which we speak.

Come, join the choir.  You already know the song.

We love and bless you, today and always.


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