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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On Beauty, Love and Simplicity

You are loved.  You are love.  This is the truth of your Being and your existence.  Anything that is not congruent to these statements is not the ultimate and highest truth.  Period.

When you are thinking and acting in the State of Love, you are living and embodying they highest expression of You.  It sounds simple to do, but we know it doesn't always feel that way.

How do you do better at this?  By choosing to notice the good things around you, the aspects that you can appreciate.  The more you notice, the more you will find to enjoy.  The process feeds itself, and feeds you, and feeds the Entirety.  Because it's all tied together, you see: Love, appreciation, happiness, wholeness, your Good, the Good of the Universe and beyond.

When you behold beauty, you strengthen not only that, not only yourself, but everything.  Truly. When you behold beauty with appreciation and love, it's all true, only more so.

And the reverse is true.  Focusing on negativity empowers that, but also weakens you and all that you are attached to, which ultimately is the All.  And, while it's true that God can take it, truly, why would you want to do so?  It doesn't feel as good, and there's a reason why:  Because it isn't as good to you and for you.

It's not rocket science, Beloveds.  But it may be so simple that is sounds too stupid to be true.

But, and we promise you this, most of the secrets of the Universe turn out to be so disarmingly simple, in fact, that you can hide them in plain in sight and most people will overlook them!  Because you have been taught to respect the complex and the obscure and the intricate.  They have their place and their value, for sure, but not at the heart of things.

You don't have to study for years and devote your life to some practice or other (unless you want to) to get these Universal Precepts.  The greatest truths are often the simplest.

So be on the lookout for them.  You will find that you stumble across one of another at the oddest times.

Like now, for example.

We love and bless you this day, and thank you for spending this time with us.



  1. How are you doing? This is a beautiful post and offers much to ponder... Take care! :-)

  2. I'm doing great. Things are definitely moving faster, which is keeping me busy, and very interested!

    I hope this year is being good to you, too. :-)