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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Walling Yourself In?

Chances are that you've built the very walls that imprison you now.  You've bricked yourself into a tiny space so small that you can barely move.  You never realized what you were doing as you formed and baked every brick in your consciousness, making it hard and impervious.  Yes, it's a strong wall, all right.

How did you do this?  Every limiting belief you formed, or were fed in your youth, all of those things you accepted as truth, made up one more brick that you added to your wall.  And the longer you accept it without question, and the more strongly you believe that it's true, the harder and more impermeable that brick becomes.  After a while, there is no way out, and no room for you to expand.

The key to your freedom comes when you start to reexamine your accepted tenets, the laws and rules of living and being that you now accept without question.  Start to look deeper for the real truth.

Are you really helpless?
Do the big guys really have all the power?
Is all the world really corrupt and every man out for himself?
Is the deck really stacked against you?
Is life really just a series of routine and repetitive chores with little other significance?
Do you have to get sick and infirm when you get old?

You get the drift.

Take down your walls.  Disassemble them piece by piece.  Discard all of the things you unthinkingly assumed and open yourself to a vast realm of new possibilities.

You are primarily a being of spirit, of flame and joy and unbounded creativity.  You are not a beast of burden tied to the heavy and unyielding load of something called Life.

Recognize your potential and celebrate it!  Give yourself and your life, give everything you love and value into God's hands, and let yourself fly.

Break down your walls and savor the crisp, fresh breeze of the new horizons out there, waiting for you to embrace and make the most of them.

We love and bless you this day.


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