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Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Message From Buddha

Orea's Note:  I was recently honored to meet and sit with Buddha for the first time.  His gentle, patient energy defies description, but I will long remember that he corrected something I did in such a sweet and restrained way that I felt neither guilt nor shame for my blunder.  I felt only loved and cherished.  He returned later with a message, and I wanted to share part of that with you because I think it is quite valuable.

Buddha:  You must remember to carry the understanding that the souls operating down here are not the true souls at all.  You are looking at, and tending to judge, a bunch of amnesiacs like yourselves, who have been stripped of all they know in order to re-learn it on their own, in their own way.  Some of them have chosen pretty uncomfortable ways! 

But, and remember this please, this is to their credit, not their dishonor.  They have chosen the rockier, more difficult ascent.  They bear the scars and bruises from it, and these are badges of honor.

Always bear these beings the utmost respect, Beloveds, for they deserve it.  As they deserve, also, every bit of help and guidance and patience you can offer as they make their way out.

Hold them in your hearts with tenderness.  Love them as the bits of God's Light they are, for this is where they came from, and this is their true Self.

Loving them, Beloveds, is your primary job.  As I love you.

Have a good day.


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