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Monday, November 21, 2011

Life's Setbacks as Opportunities

Do not be discouraged by small setbacks. Look at them as a opportunity to retrench, to dig deeper and reinforce the foundation of your path.

That little setback may be the Universe asking, "Are you sure?"

This is your chance to re-think, to confirm or adjust.  It's harder to do these things when you are barreling forward. The pause created by your setback is the ideal time.

And, by the way, quitting has received a bad rap. Nobody wants to be called a quitter. But you need to consider that sometimes, if you are going the wrong direction, quitting may be the best course possible for you.

How do you know? You need to pay attention to the energy flow within your deepest being. Does it feel right to you? Does the energy around this topic flow freely and happily? Or, do you feel a slow, sluggish feeling, a sense of resistance, reluctance, or dread? Do you feel shut down inside? If so, you need to look at why, and what changes need to be made.

A setback may be the tool to strengthen your resolve, or a sign to make some adjustments in your life choices. Only you can sift through and divine the truth.  If there are those you respect, listen to their opinions.  They may be excellent and helpful. But - this is important - only you can make the final determination about what is right for your particular soul path.  Only you!

At the same time, don't stubbornly hang onto the old when it's apparent that you can't make it work.  Walk away, and know that something better is in store.  Know this.  You can't make something unsuitable work through sheer determination.

We hope this helps you.

We love and bless you.


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