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Monday, October 24, 2011

Open Your Connection to God, Come Home

Relax into the arms of God.  Know that you are supported.  Keep that connection open as much of the time as you can, heading for "always."

Feel the love that always flows to you,flows through you, surrounds you.  This is real.  The is the true Reality.

Let this Love uplift you.

Even when life pushes you away from your mooring, let yourself drift back to Oneness as soon as you can.  Let this be your home port.  This is where you belong.  This is your earthly home, the one you've been searching for.

Open yourself to this connection.  Open wide!  Let God's love and light pour in, filling you to overflowing.  And let your own love and joy follow suit, pouring out and blessing everyone you touch.

Give yourself over to embracing that of God in all Creation, and celebrating it.  In this way, you merge yourself with All That Is.  Your kinship becomes unmistakable.  Barriers fade, barriers fall.

Oneness is triumphant, and it spreads from this planet, where you live, outward and onward to the far reaches of the Universe.  That is where we are headed, Beloveds, into each others' arms and hearts and beyond.  And this movement of Love and Unity will only grow stronger as more and more souls come forward to enter into the Divine Union.  And so it goes, enabling more and more to hear, and heed, the call to come Home.

Come Home.  Beautiful words, yes?  Come Home to God's heart.  Come Home to God's soul.  You will fit in seamlessly.  Your place is waiting.  God is awaiting your arrival with open heart and open arms.

Come Home, Beloveds.  Come Home.

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