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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Winds of Change

It's not unusual for you to go through a number of major changes in the course of your lifetime.  This is particularly true as lives have gotten longer through time.

You learn, you grow, you branch out in new directions.  Your life enters a different phase: childhood to independence, marriage, parenthood, divorce, perhaps, retirement or illness.  Your career may take a sudden turn, or change completely.  You move to a new area, make new friends, explore new opportunities or try new skills.  Or you stay put and feel tired of the same old places and faces.  Or maybe, apart from all this, you simply have an epiphany, a realization or new way of understanding that changes everything.

And suddenly, one way or another, you are you, but not-you and longer.  The name is the same, unless you changed it, but who you are is not.  Old friends may not fit any longer.  Old patterns may chafe.  It's not the most comfortable position to be in, but in many ways, it's the most promising.

You and your life may feel deconstructed in preparation for the construction of someone or something entirely new.  In many ways, this is very much like rebirth.

When these times come, focus on what is important to you now.  Your priorities may have become entirely different.  Let the new ones guide the formation of your new life.  Let yourself become as new as you care to be.  That is, don't let yourself cling to old options and patterns simply because they are traditional or familiar.

Get to know the New You and find out what he or she needs.  What choices will bring fulfillment, satisfaction, and ultimate happiness?  Give it some serious thought.

We love and bless you in these times of change.


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