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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thrice Beloved

You are thrice beloved. 

Once, because you are God's precious child.  There is only one of you.  You are like a unique work of art, unutterably beautiful to your Creator. 

Twice, because of the joy God takes in watching you do the things you do, learn, grow, explore.  You are always fascinating, always thinking and doing something new.  Even your mistakes please God mightily, for God knows this is all an illusion, and no one is really hurt. 

You are a tiny piece of an infinite kaleidoscope, creating infinite, intricate patterns of texture, color, movement, and more, as we recently shared with you. 

Thrice, because you are creators, as well, and God loves to see the creations you invent and produce, in so many areas of life.  We cannot adequately express God's gratification in seeing the many and varied forms of beauty and creativity, again, each unique and pleasing in its own way. 

Thrice beloved, you make your Creator very happy.  And your love in return just sweetens the pot. 

It just gets better and better as you grow and thrive and blossom. 

We love and bless you this day.  What do you want to make of it?  Whatever it is, God will love it.  (smile)



  1. Such good thoughts, Orea! God certainly does smile down upon his creations when HE sees his own creating from the gifts that were bestowed when we all incarnated.

    It's an amazing feeling to be loved by our creator and for one feel HIS support every time I sit in front of my computer creating a blog post and every time I'm behind my camera.

    These are the two times when I lose track of where I am more then any other time. These are my own gifts and I choose to share them in the best way I know how.

    We all have gifts. Are we all pursuing them? Are we all using them?

    How do you know when you've found your gift?

    --If you lose time when you're in the middle of whatever it is.
    --If you feel bliss.
    --If you would rather be doing what you're doing then anything else.

    Then that's your gift and it is your responsibility to find a way to pursue it, to use it to the best of your ability.

  2. Wow, Chris, if you haven't written a post on this, I think you should. I love what you have said here, and you are so right. I think this is something we all need to think about and be aware of as we go through our lives.

    What makes us feel most alive? What makes us light up inside?

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I hadn't crystallized it in my mind in quite that way.