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Friday, September 23, 2011

Rest In Peace

Rest in peace.  It's not only for the dead.  It's for every waking moment, every sleeping moment, every breath and heartbeat and thought of your life.

Rest in the arms of the Lord.  Rest in the knowledge of your complete safety.  Rest, knowing that nothing but nothing can cause you permanent harm.  You are strong, you are resilient, you are Spirit.

You are Spirit, and Spirit does not fade, tarnish, or perish.  Your spirit is eternal, yet so flexible and versatile as to be as eternally new and young.  There is no need for a Fountain of Youth, for you are ever-renewable, ever new, as new as you choose to be. 

You may feel old, or used up, or jaded in your body, in your life here.  But this is only an exercise, an exploration of sorts, where you play with potentialities and possibilities.  To the extent that they are worrying and wearing you, we say, let go.  Rest in peace, knowing that all is well, and you are completely safe, as are all of your loved ones.  Rest in Peace, Beloveds, every moment of every day. No bad outcome is really possible.  Rest in Peace.  You are completely safe.  Know this always, regardless of circumstances that may seem to dictate otherwise.

So do your part, yes.  Take any steps you feel are necessary and appropriate, but do so calmly and with a deep peace in your heart.  All is well, and all is well in hand.

Don't let the scare tactics get to you.  You are known and watched over every day, all day, constantly, by loving eyes and caring hearts.  And your wellbeing is never out of God's mind and heart.  Hordes of angels and other beings are on the job.

So Rest in Peace, Beloveds, and let go of your fears.  The more you do so, the safer you will be, and the easier and smoother your life path will be.

We love and bless you this day, and always.


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