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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Make Room For More - Of You!

Make room for more of you.  Greater portions of your soul are coming home to join you.  Some of them will feel like strangers, because they have been away, in exotic climes, for so long. 

Every trip you take, changes you a little.  A long sojourn changes you a lot.  And so it is with your soul fragments coming home. 

As they join the masses, the parts of You that are already here, you may feel slight but noticeable changes in your operational personality.  Your thinking processes may change a little.  You may find you are better at analytical things than you were, or you have a greater appreciation for art.  That kind of thing. 

Your handwriting may change a little, or a lot.  Food preferences may broaden or change.  You may crave something you never thought about before.  Even your singing voice my change. 

It's all part of the melding in process, as these parts of you come together and reintegrate.  Do not be alarmed.  It's all perfectly normal.  It's just a normal that's new to you.  (smile)

This is one of the many changes occurring to your planet and its inhabitants.  There is a lot of shifting and adjusting going on. Puzzle pieces are being redistributed, that is, being sent back to the right puzzle box, the one where they belong.  By "puzzle pieces," we mean pieces of you.  Some of them took off a very long time ago, but now that the closing bell has rung, they are on their way home to you. 

If you ever get a chance to converse with one or more of them,  they have some fantastic tales to tell.  Whether you do nor not, you will be much the richer for their return. 

It's a joyous homecoming for all concerned, wait and see! 

We love and support you in this unusual and exciting era.  Ask if you need assistance at any time. 



  1. Well said! It is a time of change and wonder!

  2. It is as if you are talking of the discovery of the many layers of self...woven over the years...some buried. Then we begin our journey of soul seeking...and unravel that which we have buried, to discover and integrate again. Our world feels like it has been thrown into chaos..and as humans we begin to hear the call to balance...and from there, integrate into the whole...then bringing a unified knowing, to step to the next level within the human condition. Loved it...thank you...always...

  3. I have heard about fragmented souls from several places over the years. If you look into the topic of shamanic soul retrieval, it is based on the concept that sometimes, in situations of great pain, grief, trauma, etc., pieces of our souls can take off and leave for parts unknown. The shaman's job is to locate those pieces, and talk them into coming back to rejoin the host.

    Another time, I heard that those who loved Jesus and were there to witness the crucifixion, were so distraught that their souls flew apart into many, many tiny pieces, and that they haven't completely reassembled as of the time, several years ago, that I heard this story. As I recall, there was a mention then of starting to put everyone back together because it was time.

    I don't know if it is some, most, or all of us walking around carrying fragments of different souls, but if you think about it, you;ll notice that sometimes when you meet someone, a different side of you comes out. It may be a piece of a soul you are carrying, peeking out to say hi to an old friend. Something to think about!

    Or maybe it's all of the above? Interesting question.

  4. We are in a constant state of change always peeling the layers and learning to understand the many layers within...Enjoyed reading this post.Thank you

  5. Very true. We are complex beings, indeed. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts.