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Monday, September 19, 2011

Let Go of the Past, Harvest the Present

You've heard it before somewhere, we are sure.  Let go of the past.  Those issues have long since expired.  Or, they want to, but you won't let them!

Life, at its best, is a flow.  Life can only be really lived when you are in the Now, here, present.

Life's many wondrous gifts exist only in the present.  When your mind wanders, as it likes to do, into the past and the future what-if's, you lose your opportunity to harvest all of the riches flowing by you in the Here and Now.  Opportunities will pass you by, unnoticed.

Let go of the old, re-hashing. Let go of the grudges and stories from your past.  They are weighing you down more than you know.

You seek freedom.  Freedom lies in letting it all go.  You'll feel so good, you won't even miss it. 

Open your eyes and see where you are.  What is around you?  Who is there?  What have you been missing, that isright in front of you, available for interaction and delight, laden with possibilities?

Let go of the past.  Release it all.  None of what may have been true then, is true now, unless you want it to be.  Only the love and the good times still remain.  As you release, your old scars will disappear.

And, as for the future, let go of that, too.  Build your best life and trust that the future will shape accordingly.  Because it will, and that day will arrive bearing more riches and gifts of Love than you can imagine.  If you let it.  And you allow it by letting go.

And you stay in the present, so that when the future arrives, you'll be there to notice, rake in, and enjoy every one of God's loving gifts.

When you trade your past  (and your sense of control) for God's future, you are very much the winner.  (And so is God!)

We love and bless you, right here, right now.


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  1. Lovely post Orea...so so so true! We need to remember this every minute.