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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Expect Wonderful Things

Expect wonderful things.  Be open to receiving gifts of love from the Universe, and yes, we want you to actually expect, and be on the lookout for them. 

Delightful surprises are strewn in your path, and coming your way.  People you'll be glad to meet, butterflies and birds to decorate your day, delicious food finds and other wonderful things we won't presume to mention. 

Expect wonderful thins.  The exchange of a warm smile with a stranger, finding something waiting just for you to notice it, a bargain on something you really wanted.  These are small things, but the bigger things are too individual to make the list.  We have to go generic here. 

But we want to assure you that big and wonderful is coming your way, too.  Keep an attitude of delighted anticipation.  Things are coming your way that you probably never even thought to ask for, because the Universe can improvise with the best of them. 

You are so thoroughly known and loved, that finding new ways to please you is the Universe's pleasure.  Nothing makes God happier than making you happy, if you will let Him. 

And the best way to let Him, is to expect it.  Know in your heart that you are destined to be pampered and spoiled (just a little bit!), catered to, and surprised.  You are gifted, and will be gifted, and we mean that in every sense of the word.

There is no lack of abundance in God'e Universe.  God is infinite.  Thus, so are the building blocks of Creation.  Anything and everything you need, and more, is possible and completely available to you.  And "need" is only the beginning.  God wants you to have more than mere needs.  God wants you to revel in the joys of all that life here has to offer. 

God cannot give you too much, unless you can't handle it.  You are always the arbiter of that. 

How much are you ready to receive?  

By preparing your mind, and being expectant, by recognizing and appreciating even the smallest of gifts, you are telling God and the entire Universe, "I'm ready!  Send more!"

Have fun, beloveds.  Roll in it, wallow in the love shown to you in every conceivable way.  Enjoy.  We'll have fun watching you do it. 

We love and bless you, endlessly.  Help yourself to our blessings. 



  1. Encouraging and wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Sonia. I'm excited by what they said!

  3. nice and encouraging post....keep the door of your heart open :)


  4. SUB, Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed this post. We all benefit from some encouragement from time to time. May you thrive and blossom!

    Orea (about to go visit your site)

  5. So positive and optimistic article. Really beautiful....Orea...:) Simply superb. Namaste.