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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Emptier You Are, The Fuller You Get

The more you open and empty yourself, the more God can come in.  Literally.  Opinions and agendas take space. 

We are not against education, but filling yourself with facts takes space within you.  If you are seeking to advance spiritually through the accumulation of facts and histories and precepts, know that the greatest and most profound wisdom lies within you, through your connection to the Holy Mind. 

All you need lies within the Silence.  In the Silence, you allow your empty spaces to fill, and become saturated with, Divine Love and Peace.  In the Silence, words and thoughts will come to you, as needed or desired.  They are offered, always, but only the quiet mind can hear them. 

And the quieter you get, the more inessentials you will find to throw away.  You no longer need those beliefs, those habits, those practices. 

So much of your life is lived in automatic mode that you don't spare a thought for the usual.  You click on the TV at a certain time because you always do.  Thus your life of habit is born.  Only, it's no life at all.  It's a rote set of activities, mindless activities. 

Open your eyes and see anew.  How much of your existence is mindless repetition?  How much of your existence is overdue for renewal, or at least, re-examination? 

The more you open your hands and release the old, the more space you'll have to devote to God.  And, the more space you devote to your God, the more blessed every moment becomes.  The more joyous every waking moment is.  The more and greater blessings will be free to come your way. 

Open your life, open your arms, open your heart and soul.  let the old fly away, and make room for the new and wonderful. 

God is waiting to fill you and co-create your best life yet.  There is more joy and satisfaction possible for you than you can currently imagine. 

By the way, you'll need to expand, because you don't have room right now for all of the Joy in store for you. 

Oddly enough, the emptier you are, the fuller you get.  Think about that one for a while. 

We love and bless you this day. 


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