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Friday, August 12, 2011

You, Your Creation, Your Purpose

It's beautiful.  All of it.  Every bit of it.

It's beautiful, and it's perfect.  Take joy in this.

Nothing just "happened."  Everything was formed, with Love, Intent, and Desire.

You were lovingly formed with thought and planning.  You didn't just happen, no matter what your parents may have thought at the time!

You were created with thought, for a reason.  A possibility was seen, and you were created to fill it.  You were expressly created for a specific niche and role/function in the grand scheme of things.

And so the question arises, how can you know what this was? 

The intellect of the Divine is so vast, that planning and executing any number of new beings is no great strain.  And, in building you, a little compass or guiding device was "inserted" so that you would have some sense of where to go, and what to do with your particular lifespan. 

That compass shows itself in your interests and inclinations, the desires that seem to spring up from the very depths of you.  Some people love to write, or draw.  Some are fascinated by big construction machines or electronics.  Some love camping and hiking and the out-of-doors while others would rather be knitting in a wicker rocker no further outside than their front porch.

Whatever it is, that makes up the essential part of who you are, this is the guidance of your compass and the path you were designed to follow.  This is why trying to be someone or something else can hurt so much.  This is why it is truly wrong to try to live your life to please someone else, no matter how much you may love them, think you owe them, or desire their happiness.

For your ultimate good, and that of the Universe, you need to be you, and the best you that you can be.  And so does everyone else.

Societal dictates and peer pressure be damned.  And we mean that literally.  Forced or coerced conformity is the road to damnation.  Hell on Earth.

We envision a world for you where the jewel each of you is at heart, is polished and cut and set to perfection, for its particular characteristics, for its maximum expression of its character and beauty.  Nothing less will do.

For now, respect and polish yourself and appreciate your own individual sparkle, shape, and color.  And respect everyone else as they attempt to learn to do the same.

Ah, the beauty when the Light shines through you!  What a view we have from here.

We love and appreciate you in your unique expression of Divinity.



  1. I totally agree with you that we all have a defined purpose though we make not know what that purpose is. So many people flounder and waste their life instead of fullfilling their destiny and following their own path. While I do believe in trying to please others we must do what makes us happy first and foremost or everyone will be miserable in the end.

    I remember so many people tried to persuade me to not got to Europe for work but I knew it would be a wonderful experience for myself and Erin and it most certainly was. I'm glad I took the chance and others be dammed I had an amazing time which I'd repeat in a heartbeat.

    These days I have no idea what the heck I'm doing in life without Erin as my compass is lost but I have not totally lost hope. There is more to see and do on my path for sure. Nice post, thanks for sharing!!

  2. You are serving a purpose just by your beautiful blog. Keep the faith, dear David. The first year is the hardest.