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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Warning, Heavy Subject: Suffering, Eternity, Suicide, Death

Good morning. 

Orea: Who is this?

We are your friends.  We always have been, and we always will be.  That is the nature of eternity, and love...

You are eternal beings, all of you.  That which is life within you comes from the eternal, never-ending wellspring of the Divine. 

You cannot perish - unless you choose to, in which case you recycle yourself into the Godhead and that which was you, goes on to a new beginning as someone - or something - else. This is a very rare occurrence, done when a soul is experiencing such great pain and separation that they choose oblivion over finding their way out.  If indeed at that point they even believe in or desire a way out. 

We do try to prevent this, but this is a game of free will, no?  So in some cases, a soul can choose to let this happen.  Often it is because they have come to hate God so much that they would rather perish than forgive, move on, or make friends with God again.  Grudges can last that long. 

As we said, this is a very rare occurrence, and let us stress that this happens on the soul level and has nothing to do with suicide on the physical level, that happens here on your planet. 

Suicide is regrettable, but it is not the huge sin that some groups make it out to be.  Suicide is a pressing of the reset button.  This life is not working out.  It's more than you can handle for any of a wide variety of reasons.  You find a way to slip out the door and eventually begin again. 

This sounds fairly benign, but when you consider the swath of pain you leave behind for all who knew you and cared at all about you, or even those innocents who don't know you but stumble upon your body, or have to clean up the mess, physical, legal, and so forth, it is not a victimless crime by any means. 

We would like to see an institution, a kindly one, where people considering suicide could go without shame or retribution, where caring counselors could discuss the situation dispassionately to see what solutions there may be, other than the final one.  All aspects and possibilities could be considered and explored. 

And, if suicide is truly someone's decision, let there be help with legal and other preparations, and let a gentle help be made for them to make a dignified and controlled exit. 

Is this really so frightening to you?  Death has never been the enemy you think it is.  It's merely a transition to another state of being, a change in location, a wayside stop in your itinerary, as you would pull over for a meal before traveling on. 

We would like to see enough understanding of your purpose in coming here to live, that holding on to life despite great pain and suffering would have less desperation and less superstition attached.  We would like you to know when to say, this is enough.  Let there be no more pain and suffering.  I'm ready.  Let me go. 

Because, pain and suffering are not intended as moral or mortal punishments.  It was never in God's plan to punish anyone or make them suffer for arbitrary mistakes like following the wrong religion.   The whole concept is truly preposterous. 

There is nothing desirable about pain.  You can indeed learn from it, become more understanding of what others go through, but pain is not the only avenue, and not one that we recommend.  Pain gets in the way of the true and clear expression of the totality of your Being, your full and complete Self. 

Naturally, above and beyond the previous discussion, we'd like to see aworld where pain and illnesses, and alienation don't even exist.  That's going to take a while, but one day this will be the case, and everyone but everyone will live in Joy and Peace and find fulfillment.

And that's a promise.  You have eternity to get there, but it won't take that long. 

We love and bless you this day.  Open your hearts and breathe in to receive. 


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