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Friday, August 26, 2011

They are Your Kin

Good morning!  We are glad to be here with you today.  We want to remind you today to remember and feel your kinship with those in other localities, today and every day. 

Distance is but an illusion, for in reality, you all live in God's heart.  The disaster reported on the other side of the world, in reality occurred next door.  It is no less important or immediate because of its apparent distance. 

“To wipe all tears from off all faces is a task too hard for mortals; but to alleviate misfortunes is often within the most limited power: yet the opportunities which every day affords of relieving the most wretched of human beings are overlooked...” Samuel Johnson

This is your kin, your brother, your child, your aunt.  You are all a tight and closely knit family, but right now you have amnesia.  You are confused, and see instead, strangers and enemies, when in fact, you love each other deeply and dearly.

Remember this in the coming times.  You are precious, each of you, and necessary to each other.  You are different parts of the same body.  Damage to one, hurts all.  The only wholeness is when each and every one of you is whole, complete, and present.  Each tiny piece of humanity is vital, is crucial, to the whole. 

You are nowhere near that, yet, but that is where you are going.  Open yourself to the love all around you, and feel your connection to the human entirety.  Feel the gentle web of love and connection that binds you together.

You are connected in ways we would rather not explain right now, for it would distract you from the crux of our message.  Perhaps another time.  

We want you to care, and care more deeply about the strangers in need on your planet, distant, or close.  In a very real sense, they are you, a part of you.  What you refuse them, you refuse yourself.  What you refuse yourself, you refuse God.  

Keep this in mind:  There is no want or hardship where there is Love.  There is no lack or need where Love prevails.  Love breaks all barriers, crumbles all walls to dust, carries no limitations, for God is infinite in size, scale, scope, and power. 

Any concept of lack is simply yours, passed down from your parents, who received it in turn from theirs. 

When you live in Grace, all things flow to and through you.  All things are yours, unless you grasp at them and hoard them, for these are acts of unbelief.  

There are no rules to prevent anything, where God is concerned.  All is Possible.  All Is, period.  Think about that.  

We love you with all we have.  


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