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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Practice Staying in Your Calm Center

Good morning, friends.  Has your week been a good one, so far?  Have you kept your poise despite any unexpected circumstances?  This is something you should practice.  Poise and a clear head will be increasingly important in the days to come.

More unexpected things are likely to occur.  The more you are able to stay calm and centered, the better you will handle these things.

Work to keep your mind and your heart in a good place.  Know, even when things seem to go haywire, that all is still, and always, in God's hands.  The safer you feel, the safer you allow yourself to be.

We remind you, nothing is out of control.  Find the calm center of your being, and live there, operate from that holy place.

All is Well.  It always was, and it always will be.  You are loved and cherished.  Let the storm swirl around you while your calm center is your untouched haven.  Your inner peace will bless all around you. 

Practice this.  Master this.  It will only become more important as time goes by.

We love and support you, always.



  1. I've remained pretty much in control of things this week til earlier this evening when I allowed my Mom to get me off-kilter. There was really no reason for my emotions to run amok but they did but I've calmed down and realized my error. You are correct that we must remain centered as God is in control and we are in the most capable of hands. Blessings :)

  2. Staying within my calm... Love the phrase..thank you for the reminder

  3. It's definitely something that needs practice. Outside influences can definitely affect our inner balance.

    Irene provided some practice! The weather channel really had me scared for a while.

    Once I remembered that even a hurricane is a part of God, it was much easier to relax and love her.

    My guides asked me to sing soul songs to her, so that is what I did. I stayed up singing until the power went out the first time, around 12:30 AM. I hope it helped.

    No appreciable harm was done here. Thank you, God!