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Monday, August 29, 2011

Love Your Fears

Where do you go when you are feeling scared?  Is there really a place where you can run to, or hide?  In reality, no, because your fears reside within yourself, and it's pretty hard to run from you, isn't it?  (smile)

The fear rests within you, just as the grain of sand takes residence in the soft flesh of the oyster, a continuous source of irritation and discomfort, until something is done about it.  You know what the oyster does about it, and what results.

What are you to do about your particular grain of sand, whatever it is?  You can't summarily discard it, flush it out, or throw it away any more than the oyster can.  It won't leave that easily.

You can, however, look at it, learn from it, treat it with understanding (of why it affects you that way), and eventually enrobe it with God's Love.  Then, and only then, will it truly cease to bother you, because God's Love will transform it into something else entirely.

Love heals.  Love transforms.  Love makes fear disappear.

Fighting fear, rejecting fear, forcibly overwriting fear, will only make a temporary difference, at best, and often, by attempting to suppress it, will make it dig in deeper and fight back.

Rejection never works.  Love and acceptance is the key.  Love, acceptance...and more Love.

Don't beat yourself up for your fears.  You guessed it, that doesn't help, either.  Love yourself.  Love the part of you that learned to fear, for it was trying to help.  Love the fear that taught you a lesson, and gave you a chance to practice Love once again.

The more you stay in the Place of Love, the more your fears will dry up and disappear, only to be a faint memory from a previous existence. 

Love yourself.  Love your fears. Love the process.  Love it all.  It's Perfect, and so are you.


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