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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life's Blows, and How to Deal With Them

You are loved beyond countless measure.
You are loved beyond the broadest sea.
You are loved beyond a speeding comet.
Drop your arms and come to Me.
Drop your fears and come to Me.

When life's turns of events make you quail in your boots, it is understandable.  Don't be hard on yourself when something throws you for a while.  You are, after all, "only human."  (Or are you?)

Don't expect yourself to take every development with equanimity.  You have a right to be shocked, or stunned, or upset, or scared, as the case may be.  You always have a right to your own true feelings, whether they be welcome, or "enlightened," or not.  Enlightenment, in this case, means accepting yourself exactly as you are, unruly feelings and all.  Life itself is unruly, so why shouldn't you be, from time to time?

Allow yourself some time for your reaction before you try to rein it in.  It's real, it's you, and it should be honored.  Then, and only then, gently begin to move yourself back to the mental/emotional place you want to be.  That is, you want to bring yourself back into alignment with the Universe, back into Appreciation and Love.

You can't force yourself there, but you can give yourself gentle nudges in the right direction.  Find other things to think about, and other things to focus on, enjoy, and appreciate.  Allow yourself to feel, once again, the masses of love and loving beings surrounding you.

Whatever it is, you are not alone in dealing with it.*  You are never alone.  Thousands, literally thousands of hearts and minds and arms are willing and ready to support you, help you, hold you together, whatever is required for your wellbeing and comfort.  Remember the love, open up to it, soak in it, take comfort in it.  Let it cushion you from the blows.  Let it help you be brave and do what you have to do, one day, one step at a time.

That's the way to tackle these challenges, a little piece at a time.

We, and the legions surrounding you, send out love, healing, and blessings.  Wrap up in it, breathe it in, allow it to sink into the deepest recesses of your being.

It is done, so be it, and so it is.


* Nor do you get extra credit for dealing with things on your own. 

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  1. "We, and the legions surrounding you, send out love, healing, and blessings." Beautiful...
    This post is a like a gentle breeze on a calm ocean, a warm blanket on a cold night... Much needed and appreciated.
    Thank you!