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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Lecture on Forgiveness/Orea Gets a Spanking

This one was directed at me.  Sigh.  I have been struggling to let go of something that really hurt me, and frankly, I haven't been doing too well with that.  Self-pity has been winning.

Well, I just got walloped, and because I think this has general value, I'm going to eat my pride and share it with you.  I'm still smarting as I type this up for you, but I know that they are right, as usual.

Thoroughly Chastened,
Forgive those who have hurt you.  As often as not, they didn't even mean to do it.  Try to take that into account.

They were thoughtless, they were stupid, they didn't realize...it all, in the end, equates to, "they were human."

And so are you.  How many people have you hurt, wittingly or unwittingly?  You'll probably never know, will you?  So think about that before you cast yourself as the innocent victim.

Where have you fallen short?  Where have you given less than your best?  How often have you chosen to tread a road that wasn't the high one?  Take it all into account before you dare to blame.

The first strike may not have been theirs, at all.  It may have been yours, and you may never know that for sure, either.

If it seems that we are trying to muddy things up, you are close to being right.  What we are trying to do, is show you how muddy things really are.

Taken in context, their transgression against you is smaller than it first appeared, isn't it?  So let go.  Let it go.  Forgive, move on, try to forget it.  In the viewpoint of eternity, this is piddly stuff.

Focus on the good this person does and has done, and feel just a little shame for hanging onto something so small.

Grow up a little and stop this nonsense.  Because it is nonsense, and you know it.  You know it.

You still have a lot to do, so stop with this melodrama and get moving!   Take some time to think about this and feel small and petty, then toss the whole thing into the trash where it belongs, and move on without it.

You know we love you, but this had to be said plainly.

In other areas, keep up the good work.  We can't let this one thing hold you back.  There is work to be done!

P.S. I've got to thank them, this really did help.

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