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Monday, August 1, 2011

Keep Cool, Keep Centered

Fasten your seatbelts.  You have a bumpy ride ahead.

Try to keep a handle on your fears.  Remember to breathe, deep and slow. 

There is madness all around you, but you don't have to be touched by it, or respond in kind.

Keep calm, keep breathing, deep and slow.  Hold yourself in the eye of the storm.  Find that island of peace within yourself and drop your anchor there.

Keep breathing, deep and slow.

Leave the ugly-hearted people to their ugliness,  and the angry ones to their anger.  Let the fear-inclined souls have their fear.  They won't hear you if you try.  They have made their choice and they are sticking to it.  It is not for you to enlighten them.  Arguing their position will only make them more adamant that they are right to feel as they do.

Leave them to their path.  Let them hew their own fate.  No matter how you may care for and about them, no matter how (obviously) wrong you think they are, respect their path and their right to choose it, and leave them to it.

But know also that you don't have to walk it with them.

You don't have to walk it with them.

This is a time of growing dichotomies.  Rage and frustration are ramping up.  Blame is the name of the game, more and more.  Don't get drawn into it.

It's an attractive trap for the unwary.  Very tempting to indulge in.  But the satisfaction of blaming a "guilty party" is fleeting, and the price is high.

Keep calm, keep centered.  Keep breathing, keep your mind on Love and Light and Forgiveness.  There is a huge need for forgiveness in all of our hearts.

Forgiveness is the gift that keeps on giving, and it's appropriate for every occasion.

Everyone who has lived on this planet has plenty of souls to forgive.  And plenty of souls need to forgive you for things you have done, knowingly or unknowingly.  No one escapes unscathed in either direction.  We hurt, and we are hurt.  That's part of what we are here for.

So, knowing that we have enough forgiving to do already, and enough forgiveness to ask for, let's not add to it by creating more grievances and holding more grudges.

There is no enemy here.  And, by the same token, neither do you have to be friends with everyone.  Some folks are just not going to be compatible.  Let them go, as well.  Find new friends if you need to, positive, loving friends who help you stay on your path of Love and Joy.

And remember, keep breathing.  Low and slow.  Deep and clean and clear.  Hold your center in that inner island of peace, and let those other ships go by to their own individual destinations.

Peace.  Love.  Joy.  Acceptance.  Forgiveness.

You can do this.

We love you.


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