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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake Report

As some of you already know, I live in the Washington, D.C. area where we had an earthquake yesterday.  It's amazing how long 20 seconds or so can feel when your world is shaking. 

At first I felt confused.  What was going on?  A big truck rumbling nearby?  Then as the house began to shake, is my husband doing something up on the roof?  Then, as the intensity increased, no, this must be an earthquake.  It was the first one I have felt.  As it continued, I wondered what the intensity level was, and hoped it wasn't some small number, because things were shaking pretty strongly.  I didn't like to think what a bigger one would be like to experience.  Then, will it ever stop?  It just keeps going and going.  Obviously my sense of time was skewed, because it felt like it was lasting forever. 

As it was starting to wind down, I finally thought of dong something to help.  I started affirming, "All is Well, All is Well," and honestly, I really believed it.  I never felt threatened.  Unnerved, yes.  Threatened, no.  I was directing soothing energy to the fault that was making adjustments, sending ease and gentleness, as well as to the populace who was likely to be scared and upset. 

It was interesting to me how long it took to completely cease.  The only "damage" here was a couple of tubes of caulking hit the floor in the basement, and my toothbrush jumped into the sink.  As far as I know, that's the extent of it.  I am feeling very blessed as  I hear about smashed crystal (which I don't own!) and pictures falling off of walls.  Our books stayed in the bookcases.  Nothing else hit the floor that I am aware of.  Were we lucky or protected?  I wonder. 

The aftermath for me was feeling shaky inside for several hours.  Today, there is a jangly feeling in the air, lots of energy flying around out there, and I am doing my best to get and stay grounded.  I'll try later today to get a message for you. 


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