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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love is the Key

Do you get tired of hearing us talk about Love?  We hope not, because Love underlies every message we share with you. 

Love really is the key, the answer to every life problem.  It sounds preposterous, and we know that.  We are telling you anyway:  Love is always the answer, no matter what the question.  

Do you hate your job?  Do it with love, anyway.  This greases the skids for a better job to arrive.  

Are you tired of being single?  Live your single life with as much Love and Joy as you can.  Appreciate the aspects of "single blessedness" that you have, like not having to answer to anyone else for your decisions, and eating whenever and whatever you like. 

As you live your life with Love, Zest, Joy, and Appreciation, potential lovers will be attracted to you.  They'll want to be near your positive energy.  Potential employers will want you on their team.  They won't know why, but they'll like having you around.  

Even loving your car will help it run better and longer.  We kid you not.  

Loving your body will improve its function and overall health, too.  It's doing the best it can for you.  Tomorrow, with your love, appreciation, and support, it will do even better.  

Where else can you apply this?  

Love your enemy, and one day you may find you have a friend in them. 

Love the food you eat, that it may nourish you more fully. 

We offer you this advice...lovingly. (smile)



  1. My life is golden! Have a day job that I DO Love. Heck, I get paid to read. What's better than that? My photography is making me money.

    I have the BEST group of friends I've EVER had and the single BEST friend I've EVER had.

    Thanks for the reminder, Orea! Always good to re-hear and re-learn these important things.

  2. Wise words for all to live by...Love love and then love some more :)