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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Energy Madness

There are waves that occur in your life.  Waves of energy that ebb and flow around you, affecting how you feel and even how you perceive the nuts and bolts of your life.

You may have energy-filled and inspirational days, and days when you just droop, physically and emotionally.  In the waters of love and energy that always surround you, there are currents and eddies, many and varied.  The deeper you root yourself in the soil of love for others (and for yourself), and acceptance of them, and embracing of the All, the less the minor currents will affect you and your personal sense of wellbeing and happiness. 

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The true masters are aware of, but unaffected by, all of this.  They are plugged into the high voltage line, to switch metaphors, so minor fluctuations have no real effect on them. 

It's a good thing to work toward for all of you, for the energies flowing these days are intense. 

That is why you are seeing so much high emotion at the expense of rationality in your  news these days.  Rash acts without much thought behind them.  It's a form of energy madness.  Ungrounded, rootless people caught in a whirlwind of energy they don't understand and cannot handle, because they are not rooted in Love.  They are lost, and what little sense they had has been blown away.  They've lost their minds but they don't know it. 

But we digress.  Let's return to the theme we always seem to hearken back to:  Hold yourself and your fellow beings in Love, Divine Love.  Even the lost and obnoxious ones need and deserve love, for they are manifestations of God's work, too.  Hold yourself in Love, Light, and Forgiveness, and know that this is supremely valuable to your world and beyond. 

Your holding of this thought form and vision helps the All to return to its desired, natural, beautiful state. 

Make your love be impervious to current events.  Know and care what happens without being drawn into the drama of it. 

There are those who say, "If you aren't angry, you aren't paying attention." 

We say, "If you are angry, you are only making the mess worse.  Hold the anger.  Take action without negative emotions attached."

There are those who say, "Hate the crime, not the criminal."

We say, " Hate nothing and no one."

As for the rest of life's details, which tempt you to fear and frustration, or even despair, let go of them and place it all in the Loving Hands of God/The Universe.  And leave them there.  They have only your best interests at heart. 

As always, we wish you all the best for you and yours. and we send our blessings your way.  And remember, God has an answer.  Lots of answers!


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