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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Empty Place Within

We want you to be happy.  We want you to know the feeling of completion, to lose that sense of emptiness you feel inside. 

Each of you, right now, is essentially alone.  Each of you feels a sense of loss inside, though you may have no idea what is missing. 

Some of you don't know where your home is, except that it isn't where you are living, nor any place you have been.  You know there is a place, and a feeling, but you don't know how or where to find it. 

It's not here.  It's not a physical place, and the empty spot within you cannot be filled by a physical person, though that may help a bit. 

What you are needing, only the higher realms can fill.  It's easy to convince yourself that you will finally be happy and whole if only you get this or achieve that, but the effect is only temporary at best.   Soon, you will feel empty again, and find yourself looking for the next remedy, the next fix. 

The only cure for what ails you comes from the higher realm: a connection between your heart and God's.  That is what you are missing, that you can't quite remember.  That is the home you are searching for, the place you will always belong.  That is where your ultimate happiness lies. 

In the meantime, love each other and strive to be happy where you are planted.  Connect with the Love all around you and let yourself be nurtured by the love and support available at every turn, from so many caring sources.  It's not the final answer, but a good interim step toward  feeling good and happy and whole, all of the time. 

We love and bless you this day.


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