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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Universal Grocer, or The Law of Attraction Explained

We are here.  We are ready to talk. Did you enjoy the sung messages?
Orea: Yes.

We are glad you did.
O: What are you here to talk about today?

As always, we want to talk about you.  You, the human being.

We know you often feel outnumbered, that you and whoever may be with you are puny in comparison to the forces in the world. 

We want you to know that this is not true.  Why?  Because you know how to use your mind in a focused manner.  If you don't know yet, you are learning it now.

Your focused mind outweighs any number of unfocused minds.  Your heart focused on Love outweighs any number of hearts focused on greed or hate, insecurity, or prejudice.  The tiniest mite of good outweighs any amount of evil, or bad, or unwisdom.  This is how the game is stacked in your favor. 

So, the things that you fear need not be feared.  The forces in the world offend, appall, or frighten you need not be so fearsome to you, once you know that you have the power when you are standing focused in Love.

The Law of Attraction that is so often talked about in terms of acquiring a better lifestyle, is far more valuable and important a tool than that.  The Law of Attraction, properly used, brings your life into control.  Not the kind of control that you might necessarily think, where you snap your fingers and something immediately happens.  This is not what we mean.  The control we mean, is that you do not feel so out of control as you tend to do now.

The Law of Attraction simply states that the things that you think about, focus your mind on, are the things your energy will attract into your existence.  This is true whether you do it knowingly or not, and whether you focus on things you desire, or fear, or worse.  Whatever your focus, the Universe will start working out the means to deliver it.

Many people, who cannot or do not focus, don't do a lot of attracting or manifesting specific things to their lives, because their thought patterns are so scattered and disorganized as to counterbalance each other, to counteract each other,to cancel each other out in the long run.  An example might be something you want, but fear at the same time.  You want a close relationship to a mate, but the commitment scares you, or the thought of no longer playing the field is unattractive, or you just don't feel ready.  Mixed feelings, mixed message, mixed energy.

When you focus a clear thought or intention on one thing and don't counterbalance it with contradictory thoughts, those thoughts, will, in the fullness of time, bring about a result.  Just talking about it periodically from time to time and dropping the subject in between is enough to get and keep the ball rolling.  That is how the Law of Attraction works.

(The exception to this is the decisions you made in concert with your advisers before you were born, or even conceived, about your life to come.  The results of this planning process most often cannot be altered by positive thinking.  There are circumstances under which changes to these can be made, but this is uncommon and not our topic for today.)

What makes you more powerful, as we said before, is the love in your heart, in your mind, in your soul, and in your actions.  And under the umbrella of "love," we include appreciation and gratitude, and other positive thought forms.  All of these things keep you in a happy, positive mode, enhance the vibration of your focused thoughts and desires, and help to bring to fruition the energies which are necessary to coalesce into your desired outcome.

You can doubt it.  You can laugh at it. To some, it sounds silly.  To some, it sounds like superstition.  To some, it sounds like hogwash.  But if you give this a try without setting a time limit for the results, because the Universe works in its own good time and cannot be rushed, you will find results, and the results will be good if your thoughts were.

If, however, your life is given over to repeating stories of ill-use, of bad luck, stupidity, life dramas, or incompetence, the Universe will again strive to prove you right by providing more of the same.  "The customer is always right."  Love and positivity are still more powerful than these thoughts, but if these are your default settings for conversation and thought processes, your prevailing energy will have you wallowing in it until you finally get enough and make a change.

It's like you have an open line to the local grocery store, and someone is always listening in.  If you mention tuna often enough, they'll deliver a case or two of it to your door!  How to fix it?  Stop talking about tuna!

Credit: Free images from acobox.com

When you say, "I don't want to get cancer," the Universal grocer hears, "Cancer!" and puts it on your list.  If you think, "I hope I don't get into a car accident," The Universe hears, "Car accident," and the likelihood of that goes up just a tad.  The more emotion you put behind these thoughts, the bigger the charge they carry and the bigger effect they have.

Fortunately, lag comes into play, to help even things out a bit, or a bad patch could wreak serious consequences on the most positive of people.

To get back to your inner thoughts, if you say, "I want to be healthy all of my days," the Grocer in the Sky hears, "healthy!"  And, if you think, " I want to have a safe and smooth drive today," the Universe hears, "safe!"  How you think about things, which side of the coin you approach, makes a difference.  "I don't want to fail" is not the same as, "I want to succeed!"  Be aware of that.

To reiterate, your focused mind and your loving heart make you a powerful creature.  Your understanding that all is God, makes you even more powerful, because you are not giving yourself over to fear.  You are not giving yourself over to focusing on negativity.  You are not giving yourself over to the illusions of impropriety, duplicity, scandal, criminal activity, and other assorted forms of disharmony. 

The only thing that exists, is God.  Focus on God.  Focus on Love.  Focus on appreciation of the beautiful world you've been given to play in.  Therein lies your happiness.  Therein lies your success, and everything else good that the Universe sill channel in your direction.

We love you and we hope this helps you understand.


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