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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Trigger Point

There comes a time in life when everything changes, and changes in a big way.  You are going along, thinking nothing will ever change.  You are either happy with how things are, or feeling stuck.  But nothing can remain static forever, because we live in a dynamic Universe.  Lack of change is as impossible as God's not loving you.

Change is actually a constant.  It just doesn't always show to you.  The wheel is always turning.  It's kind of like how it is with earthquakes.  Life - and the land - seems smooth and stable, but behind the scenes, under the ground, pressure is building up, and that pressure ultimately must be released.

In life, if you are clinging to old and outmoded ways of doing, and thinking, and being, if you are clinging to memories of the past in lieu of living in the present and making the most of it, the same sort of pressure is building up, but this one is a pressure for change.

The more rigid you are, and the more strongly you hang on to the old ways, the rougher and more traumatic/dramatic it will be when the breakthrough/breakaway occurs. 

We are not saying that old is bad, nor that everything old should be devalued or discarded.  Far from it.  It is a winnowing process, a separating of the wheat from the chaff.  The valuable nuggets are saved and preserved, while the dried up husks that have no life energy left in them are blown away. 

We call these "trigger points."  The bullet is in the gun, quiet and dormant, then without warning, it is ejected and flying freely in the air.  A total change.  A sudden change.  In between one state and the other, lies the trigger point. 

Life is full of these trigger points.  The more open and flexible you are, the more ready to change and adapt to new opportunities and situations, the easier and  more comfortable these changes will be for you. 

Some of these changes, these trigger points, you have some control over.  Others come completely unexpectedly.  The difference between a planned and unplanned baby.  You can't be ready for everything, not the things you cannot foresee.  So what can you do about it?

When you stay relaxed and in Love, centered in God and Joy and Appreciation, trust will come more naturally, and fear will have less of a hold on you.  Trusting and remaining relaxed will insulate you somewhat from the buffeting winds of change and circumstance.  You'll stress less and cope better. 

If you push back against the forces of impending change, you might as well try to stop the progress of a glacier by leaning on it.  Someone's gong to lose, and it won't be the glacier.  Give in gracefully, and turn your attention away from resistance, to scoping out the new terrain ahead of you for new and promising possibilities.  For there are always new options, broadened horizons, and tantalizing adventures, even if you never leave your home. 

Don't fear these trigger points, for they are natural and bear wondrous gifts, if you let them.  But you have to accept the gift basket, and open it to begin the enjoy what's inside.  Open yourself to the next possibilities, and look forward with joy and anticipation to your next trigger point and the gifts it brings. 

Image: samurai / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We love and bless you, and we'll see you at the crossroads.



  1. Love the message represented within!! My trigger point was the passing of Erin and while I'm surviving the ordeal sometimes it seems I'm failing as I continue to cling to those past wonderful days and memories. Hard for me to look forward down the road for treasures when I know nothing will never exceed the years with Erin. That said you are dead on accurate with your message and belief, everyone should heed your wise words for a more fulfilling life. Take care my friend!!!

  2. David, I would never use the word failing in regard to you. But I would like to see you one day open yourself to the possibility of loving again. I've heard tales of animals reincarnating to spend another lifetime with their beloved masters. In fact, my daughter believes that her cat Boris is a return of our cat Waldo, who broke his neck at the age of 18 months and died instantly. (He was running around or jumping at full speed in the dark and ran into something.)

    It could happen but it might not. But that doesn't mean you cannot find another special soul to share your path and bless the world together with you. You were so good with Erin, it would be a waste not to share your love and ability again with some lucky dog. I can't even begin to imagine how many lives you brightened during your days together. What a gift you gave the world.