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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Such Thing

There is no such thing as a stranger.  There are plenty of people you haven't met yet in this lifetime, but not one of them is really a stranger to you, the larger you, the real you.

Why are we telling you this?  Keeping it in mind may change how you relate to the outside world.  All of you have had all of eternity to get to know each other.  How could you, with all of that time/not-time available, not have done so?  Particularly when you consider that, on these other levels of existence, you can see into each others' souls in an instant, and learn each other completely, that there aren't the earthly games of hide-and-seek going on, and you can even see, through the course of time, where they have been and where thy are going with their own particular path and project. 

We know all of this doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense to you now, so we suggest that you just take our word for it.  There are no strangers here, or anywhere in the Universe.  Talk about social networking on a grand scale!  No need for Facebook anywhere but on this planet. 

So, when you see an unfamiliar face, smile.  It's just a friend you haven't met, exactly as your mom may have told you on the way to kindergarten.  Smile.  They may be your new best friend.

Have you ever met someone and felt a sense of recognition, an instant like or dislike?  Now you have one reason why, though it may just be incompatible energy signatures.

We send you smiles from our hearts to yours.  Ah, the things we could tell you that you don't remember!  But that would be cheating.

We offer you our love and blessings.  Say thank you to receive.  Nothing is ever forced on you. 



  1. I agree as all we must do is say hello to a stranger and the road to friendship begins. Often it really seems that strangers passing in the night are really good friends, maybe we have met in a former life or on different levels. It's a very good way to approach life and strangers we encounter!!

  2. I'll bet Erin was your friendship ambassador. :-)

    I've been thinking that this post and "Lay Down Your Arms" are really about the same thing: approaching the world with an open mind and heart instead of assuming the worst before it happens, and closing yourself off to everything because of that.

    Does this sound right to you?