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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why Do Channelings of the Same Entity Sound So Different?

Question:  Why do different channelings of God or other well known entities sound so different when they come through different sources?  I was talking with my sister about this, and she suggested I ask the question, and that it would make a good blog topic.  So I thought I'd give it a try and see what we could learn.  

This is a good question.  The messages from spirit that you call channelings come through very different people, even if they come from the same entity.  It is inescapable that the conduits beliefs, background, experiences, and education will limit what comes through, and how it is expressed.  Here is why:

There is a sort of "Vulcan Mind Meld" that goes on, whereby we can use the stuff that is in your mind, what you've learned about in the course of your life.  It is easier for you to receive and express ideas and information based on what you already know and understand, and the vocabulary you already have at hand, than for us to have to teach you before you can pass it on.  This is true for everyone.  Some of you know more about science, or history, or classical literature, or farming techniques.  You speak different languages or dialects.

We use what we can to get our ideas across to you as clearly as possible.  A good example of this is the first time God spoke to you.  You had recently taken a college physics course, so He was able to talk about the Doppler Effect, knowing you would understand what He meant. 

Another factor is what your experience of the entity has been up to now.  This will affect how the channel experiences and hears the message.  Just like the "real world," where a person speaks very differently to a good friend than to their boss, or teacher, or spouse, or child, the tone of your conversation with an entity will vary depending on who (you think) you are to each other.  You probably don't remember, but that's another topic.

We, as disembodied entities, have a lot of latitude in terms of how we present and express ourselves, and we choose according to your needs and expectations and what you find acceptable at that time.

The same is true of God.  Some have a formal relationship.  Some fear Him.  Some, like you, like to crawl into His lap for a cuddle.  You see the variety in the varying ways people address God.  (Jesus called him the equivalent of "Papa.")

To say it plainly, we try to be what you need, and offer what you need and desire.  This results in differing messages and differing voices, expressing different personality facets, depending on the recipient.  We don't expect you to take quantum leaps on your path, though they have been known to happen, so we meet you where you are and travel with you step by step as you and your understanding change, and grow, and mature.

Just as it is in school, you are likely to revisit a subject time after time, and see it differently or more in depth at each visitation, if only a little.  This is also how differing truths can still be true.  Sometimes the Truth grows with you, sometimes you throw it out and replace it with a better fit.

And, to get back to the original question, some people write better than others, or have a better ear for the poetry of language.  And some edit better than others.  Some prefer to write a lot, in great detail, while others, like you, prefer to try to keep it simple, quick and easy to read, and very accessible.  We try to please you in what we offer and how we present it, as well.

Your readers should know that we don't always dictate word for word.  Sometimes we do, but other times, we put an idea or thought into your head and let you express it in the best way you can.  Occasionally you look up a word we use, to be sure it's right.  (Orea's note: I do, and it is. And sometimes I have to check to make sure I'm spelling it correctly.)  And there are other times that you get the idea of what we want to say, but can't think of the right word.  (Orea again: Yes, I miss my mind and my old vocabulary.  I usually just leave a line in place of the missing word and keep going so as not to lose the rest of the message, or disturb the flow. Then I use a thesaurus and look around for the word that fits, that I can't quite access at the moment.)

There are many types of people, and many facets of God and the inhabitants of the "spirit world."  Different people will respond best to different styles and approaches.  There is something out there for everyone, if and when they are ready.

Let us add a few more considerations, in no particular order.   How clear is the channel, that is, how well does the information come through to them?  How long have they been doing this?  How much practice have they had?  For, as with many skills, you tend to improve with practice.  What is their aim in doing this?  What do they have in mind?  This can color the results, if they want to promote a certain theme or belief.  Are they willing to receive information that is new to them as opposed to restating what they already think they know?  How easy are they for us to work with? How attached are they to the outcome?  Are they ready? Are they willing to mentally step aside?  Even age makes a difference sometimes. 

We hope this answers your question.

As always, we offer you our love and blessings.  Just say "thank you" to receive.


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