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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Describing the Indescribable

Something amazing happened yesterday morning, and I'm not even sure what it was, save that I'd like to do it all over again.  I'll try to use my inadequate words to tell you about it.

We had a major thunderstorm the night before, with a power outage that left me unable to type up yesterday's post for you as I planned.  Remembering what we've been learning here recently, even though I was uncomfortable without the air conditioning and ceiling fans, I started saying in my mind, "Thank you, God, for the power outage" as a kind of mantra.  Eventually, I decided that I might as well go to bed early.  The power came back on 45 minutes to an hour later, by which time I was content to stay horizontal.

When morning arrived, I surfaced to that in-between state where you aren't asleep, but you really aren't fully awake.  Though in this case, I was actually quite alert.  I started hearing the words, "Turn to God with Love and Gratitude," over and over.  My brain picked it up and started repeating it, itself.  Turn to God with Love and Gratitude.  Turn to God with Love and Gratitude. 

My body felt limp and heavy.  I don't know if I couldn't move, or if I just didn't want to, or both.  I was filled with this amazing feeling of fullness, happiness, completion, love, joy, rightness.  There aren't enough words to describe it. Exalted.  It was an exalted feeling.  I lay there with my eyes closed and just enjoyed it as I continued to say in my head, "Turn to God with Love and Gratitude."

Occasionally I would open my eyes and look at the clock, and each time I did, 13 or 15 or 20 minutes would have gone by.  But, it didn't feel like nearly that much!  Sometimes I saw lights and things behind my closed eyelids.  From time to time, I'd think something like, "Gee, I hope the phone doesn't ring," or "I've got to call my sister and tell her about this!" or something equally inane, but each time, I brought myself back to just experiencing and enjoying this gift.

I wondered if I was perhaps floating a few feet above my body, but there was no way for me to tell.  That might explain why I didn't feel I could move, most of the time.  Occasionally I'd surface enough to be able to scratch my nose, but then I'd relapse into limpness.  Which felt great, by the way.

After a while, I took the suggestion of the words and changed my chant to, "I love you.  Thank you, God."  Whenever I felt my consciousness alight on something, like Magellan, who was pressed against my leg, would shift a little, I would address it, "I love you. Thank you, God."  Or if I felt some pain somewhere, I'd observe and address it that same way.  So I saw the cat and the pain as God and treated it accordingly.

Now, I don't talk about this a lot, but several years ago, the 1,000 Petal Lotus of my crown chakra opened.  http://www.allgoodthings.com/yoga/chakra/chakra7_2.html  I always thought it was just a figure of speech, but I was wrong.  It's a blooming lotus!  Pun intended.  You need to know that for what happened next.

At some point, I became aware of my 1.000 Petal Lotus.  It was open wider than i had ever seen it, and it was glowing more brightly by far than I had ever seen it, with a wonderful, golden-while light.  The whole top of my head was opened up into this flower.  To say it was beautiful would be an understatement.

Then, I saw a staircase rise up out of the center of the lotus, and extend up into the sky.  It was much longer and higher than this picture I found.  It curved slightly and went so far that it looked like just a dark line at the top, and then disappeared into nothingness.  I remember thinking when I first saw it, "Stairway to Heaven!"  And at the top was this amazing, bright while Light.  I wondered if this was the white light people report seeing when they die.

I thought about going up the stairs, and I may have gone up a little way, but it was quite some distance, I didn't know if I should, and I felt more like staying where I was, so I did.  I was still chanting, and with every "I love you, thank you God" that I said, I saw a gossamer thread go "Zing!" and fly up from the lotus to the White Light.  The more mantras said, the more gossamer connections from me to God, because they didn't disappear or dissolve, they just multiplied.

I was aware of the time getting later, and I knew my cat Ginger was waiting for her breakfast.  She is on prescription canned food, and I don't like to leave it out, so she gets hungry overnight.  I knew I wasn't going anywhere soon, so I asked God to take care of her since I couldn't.  And, I just knew God would, because I asked.  I was in no hurry to leave this experience!

I can't place when this happened, but I heard some Om's.  They weren't the long, drawn out ones I usually think of, but relatively short.  There was something else unusual about how they sounded, but I  can't remember what it was. The voice or voices?  I have no idea, I just remember thinking that as I briefly heard them.

Toward the end of this marathon session, the phone did ring, and I was so deep into this - whatever it was - that it didn't even jar me or bother me.  I was not at all disturbed by hearing it. I even sent love to the phone.

Also toward the end, I started singing the mantra with a pretty but simple melody.

When it finally felt like time to end it and move into my day, nearly two hours later(!), I asked for help to get back into my body, and almost instantly I popped back into normal mode.

Of course, the first thing I did was check on Ginger, and while she wanted her breakfast, she was actually less hungry than usual!  She ate a modest amount and was satisfied enough to settle down for a nap.  God obviously did take care of her.

I should also add that the dog didn't bother me the whole time, which is unusual.  He has strong ideas about when people should get up and start being interesting, and he lets you know it.   On this particular day, he slept until 12:20 PM!  The space was created and held for me to have this experience.

I love you, thank you, God!


  1. That's a very surreal experience, it leaves me to wonder if you were in a deep state of sleep or if you actually journeyed to this magical place. The details in your story are so rich and precise that it seems you traveled to that special place. It's interesting how Ginger was less hungry as if God had fed her while you were away. Wish we had the answers to life, I'd love to be whisked away like that. Would love to hear more!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. David, the best way I can explain this is to tell you that there are alternate realities. We are all familiar with this one, but there are others that are less common, but no less real. It can be a stretch for those of us who are brought up in this western, science-worshiping culture to accept or believe this, but I have had ample verification that the experiences and information that come my way are real.

    These vary from the mundane, like driving help, to the unusual. For example, many, many years ago, early in my psychic opening, I was in heavy traffic and needed to get over from the right lane to the crowded left lane to make a turn. I was going to say I heard a voice, but I'm not sure I did. Somehow, I got the thought that I should proceed, and in a half block, there would be an opening for me to move over. And that's exactly what happened.

    Then there was a time, also long ago, when my sister and I were both actively practicing shamanism. I don't remember all of the details, but for some reason, we set up a time where we would both journey simultaneously, and we would switch power animals for the duration, then return them to each other. I don't recall which animal I sent, but I sent a "normal" sized critter, and it returned as big as my house! I called my sister and said, "What did you do to my animal, he's huge!" And she responded with surprise, "Oh, I thought he changed size all the time!"

    Real, verifiable results in a different reality.

    I promise you, I was not only awake, but alert. And Ginger must have been fed somehow, because she was so laid back about her breakfast, whereas today she all but mugged me for feeding her too slowly, and she ate her last meal much later last night than the night the power went out. She should have been ravenous.

    This may have been a once in a lifetime experience. It's not run of the mill for me by any measure. My sister has had a number of really cool experiences, all totally different. I admit to having been jealous at times. She calls these kinds of things, "carrots for the donkey." That is, motivation for the spiritual aspirant to keep them going. I'll have to ask her if she would do a guest spot here to talk about some of her "Carrot" experiences. Or anything else, for that matter.