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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cutting the Grass, A Message From the Devic Kingdom

May 1, 2011

Journey:  I must be the size of a bug, because I am standing in the grass and the blades are way over my head.  But,  I still have a humanoid body.  I just looked.   I'm waiting for something to happen.

Here comes a snake.  No danger sensed.  He (she?) greets me.

"We like where we live," says the snake.

For lack of any other idea, I walk along with the snake for a while.  Then I see a hole in the ground and drop into it.  I see grassroots, ants, little eggs.  As I go deeper, I see other roots, of bushes and trees and bigger plants.   I feel life in the soil all around me, smaller animals, bugs, worms, bacteria, fungus, etc. 

There is a whole world beneath your feet.  Our thoughts tend to stay on the surface as we walk along, and they tend to deal with things closer to our own size.

The tunnel continues through to the molten center of the earth and beyond.  I feel this is taking too long, so I ask for a power animal to help.  A mole comes, and I climb onto its back.  We arrive somewhere.  I don't know how we got there.  I sense nature spirits about, in quantity. Devas?  Woodland spirits?  This is something new for me.

That is why I am so small, to be able to see and relate to them better.

"Hello," I greet them.  "I'm not sure why I am here."

Devas:  "Because it is time for you to meet us."

Orea: "Namaste. Do you have something to show me?"

D:  "We want you to know that we are very real.  You haven't seen us before because you haven't been looking aright."

O: "How should I be looking?"

D:  "On a smaller scale, a quieter scale. A more fine-tuned mind."

O: "A more open mind?"

D:  "That, too.  We have a message for you and your kind:  This is our world, too!  We value it for more, it would seem, than humankind does.  Don't just love and pray for the planet, which is important to do, think of us and pray for us as well.

"We depend on the planet, the planet depends on us.  We cannot survive without each other, and you cannot survive without both of us: Gaia and the Devic Beings.  We both need to be healthy and fully functioning, for you to be the same. It - and we - are all interrelated in a complete and complex way."

O:"What can we do to help you, besides pray and send energy if we can?"

D:  "Just remembering us would be a good start.  Acknowledge us.  Speak to us.  Share your food with us.  (A pinch as an offering at meal or smack time, sprinkled outside. Or tip a bit of your beverage onto the grass or soil.)

"When you bless your food, bless us,. who help to bring it to your table. "

To Orea: "You remember to bless the food and the land and people who farm it and deliver it, but you forget about us, the spirits of the plants and the little animals who make up the unseen part of the ecosystem."

O:  "You are right, and I apologize for the oversight."

D:  "No need to apologize, just change your ways.  This is an oversight, because you aren't remembering to look at things on a small scale.  Remember us!

"And, when you cut the grass, how about warning us so we can get out of the way.  That would include the devas, the insects and small creatures, the weed seeds, all of us smaller beings, who have as much of a right to be here as you do.  If not more.

"When you walk in nature, or cross the lawns, send a warning ahead!  (Silently is okay.  Just think it to us.) We don't like being stepped on.  We don't like being ignored.  The time for this is past.

"We must learn to work together, or perish."

O:  "Thank you for this important message, I'll pass it along and I will change my ways."

D:  "Oh, and if you are a gardener, warn us.  Tell us what you are going to do so we can prepare, whether it is digging, or planting, or pruning.  Tell us what you will be doing, and why.  You might also ask us for our help and guidance.  We desire to work with you for the betterment of all.

O:  "Thank you for telling me all this.  I didn't realize."

D: "Blessings and love to you.  Namaste."

Image: dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: Photography by BJWOK / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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